Catastrophic flooding turns Guerneville into an island

GUERNEVILLE, Calif. (KGO) -- There is no way in or out of the North Bay town of Guerneville, it's been cut off by the rising Russian River. Those who chose not to heed an evacuation warning are stuck.

Kim Tudhope had her cell phone ready, watching floodwaters from the Russian river close in around her home in Guerneville.

VIDEO: Cars, people stranded by rising waters from Russian River

"Some of the videos we took, the water is rising before our eyes," said Kim Tudhope.

The river was rising so fast, it buried every road leading in and out of Guerneville under lots of water.

From river road to State Highway 116.

"There's about 8 to 9 feet in a couple of low spots on the highway," said CalTrans worker Jim Krake.

From Sky7, there was widespread flooding is in Guerneville. Water was up to the roofs of some homes and there was flooding in the Safeway parking lot and a few kayakers were seen navigating streets too.

VIDEO: SKY7 gives aerial tour of major flooding in North Bay

A fire crew decided it was too risky to launch their Zodiac into flood waters.

Kim Tudhope and her boyfriend Kelly decided not to evacuate, for now, their home is safe.

"Yes it does feel isolating, we are trapped," said Tudhope.

As the Russian River crests, officials warn residents to stay in their homes.

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"Stay put don't try to leave, roads are closed and the river rising as we speak," said Chris Godley, Sonoma County Director of Emergency Management.

Godley said it could be another 24 hours before flood waters subside and roads are drivable again.

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