VIDEO: Spectacular killer whale sighting in Monterey Bay

MONTEREY BAY, Calif. (KGO) -- We are getting a front row seat to a spectacular Killer Whale sighting in Monterey Bay.

There were even two little babies in the group!

Princess Monterey Whale Watching shared video of the incredible encounter Tuesday, saying this was their first good look of the season at a pod of this size.

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They came across a group of 6, then spotted a more active group of 4 about a half mile away. They eventually all came together.

"These guys were pretty active, splashing around and blowing bubbles," said Princess Monterey Whale Watching in a Facebook post. "They swam next to the boat for close to an hour giving us beautiful looks."

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Killer whale sightings in Monterey Bay are relatively common during this time of year, when the orcas hunt gray whale calves migrating north with their mothers.
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