College admission scandal: No pleas entered by Bay Area parents in 1st day of court appearances

BOSTON (KGO) -- Six Bay Area parents implicated in the college admissions cheating scandal traveled across the country to face a judge in Boston.

All of them who appeared in court today are facing mail fraud charges, and none of them entered a plea today.

The parents are accused of paying to help their children cheat on college entrance exams and gain admission to universities under the guise of being athletic recruits.

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Napa Vineyard owner Agustin Huneeus' daughter is a purported USC water polo player whose athletic profile included a photoshopped picture of her face on somebody else's body.

Mill Valley resident Bill McGlashan, now fired from his job at TPG Growth also appeared today.

McGlashan accused of paying for the college entrance exam cheating scheme and the college recruitment scheme. His son, a purported USC football player.

The judge today denied McGlashan's request to take an already-planned international April family vacation.

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It was brought up in court that his son has a diagnosed learning disability since 8th grade, and also that McGlashan didn't pay for the side door scheme.

Diane and Todd Blake from Ross were seen covering their faces with umbrellas. Their daughter is a purported USC volleyball recruit. Her athletic profile allegedly included fake honors and club volleyball teams.

Jewelry business owner Margie Klapper of Menlo Park is accused of paying $15,000 for the college entrance exam scheme.

After her son scored a 30 out of 36 on the ACT she allegedly told Rick Singer "Omg I guess he's not testing again."

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And Marci Palatella of Hillsborough is accused of paying for the testing and recruitment scheme and taking a tax write off for the bribe. She allegedly told Singer she and her spouse, former San Francisco 49er Lou Palatella, laugh every day about how grateful they are for his services.

Everyone who appeared today waived their right to a preliminary hearing. Earlier this week the Colburns, also a Bay Area couple, demanded a preliminary hearing. Their attorney says they were indicted on money laundering charges for doing that.

In a statement writing, "The government has cast its net too widely in this investigation. The Colburns have done nothing wrong and are shocked by the indictment out of Boston, where they have no ties."

All of the parents received an instruction from the judge which was that they can maintain contact with family members who could be witnesses, presumably their spouses or children, but they can't talk about the case.
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