Neighbors use shovel, umbrella to try to shoo away aggressive gang of turkeys

CAMBRIDGE, Massachusetts -- A gang of turkeys appear to be causing problems for people in one Massachusetts neighborhood, including a pregnant woman who says she's been attacked twice in a week.

"Next thing I know I'm encircled, they're pecking at the back of my legs. A couple more appear and I cannot get away. Hovering over my belly, I'm kicking them behind me, I'm screaming bloody murder," Kendra Carlson told WCVB.

Carlson, who is seven months pregnant, says she has bruises on her legs, and now she's en garde anytime she goes for a walk, arming herself with an umbrella.

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"This is from my mother-in-law. She did not want it to happen again. She is worried about the baby and so decided this would be the best thing, and actually I love it. It gives me some peace of mind," Carlson explained.

In another instance, workers had to fend off the feathered mob using a shovel.

Experts say it's common for turkeys to charge and peck during mating season. They also recommend that you never run from a turkey.

Instead, stand your ground and use something to shoo them away.

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