Thieves drive into YSL in San Francisco and steal merchandise

SAN FRANISCO (KGO) -- Workers spent the day successfully and safely removing large panes of glass from high-end retailer Saint Laurent after someone drove into the store overnight, getting away with luxury merchandise and leaving a spare tire behind.

"An individual at 430 in the morning tried to back into the storefront three times and was successful on the third instance," said Karin Flood, Executive Director of the Union Square Business Improvement District.

Flood says several of Union Square Business Improvement District cameras captured multiple angles of the heist.

It's video Flood has seen and given to investigators, who aren't sharing it publicly yet.

"Right now it's just an early investigation and if and when we need help from the community we will release the video if we need to," said Officer Adam Lobsinger, SFPD Spokesperson.

Flood says this isn't the first time this has happened. The Business Improvement District is now considering hiring someone to monitor their 350 cameras overnight.

"It makes us enraged honestly we work hard to keep the area clean and safe," said Flood.

Fendi Security Guard Feris Maxwell says it makes him sad.

"It's really terrible how people are so desperate to do damage to property and have no remorse for it," said Maxwell.

Just across the street from Saint Laurent, the Manager at MCM says their cameras captured six attempts by thieves to break in using a blow torch and an ice pick.

Luxury eye-wear retailer Dita just opened on Monday and already Manager Stuart Riddle says people have cased the store twice.

"You just want to go to work and do your job and then you've got all kinds of things coming at you," said Riddle.
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