FB Conference: Some criticizing Mark Zuckerberg's tone in speech

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- By the cheers and applause, it's obvious that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg can still hold an audience captive. At F8, he previewed the social network's new look and features-- cleaner and less blue, new ways to shop within Instagram, tools for dating and job searches.

For Josh Constine, editor-at-large at Tech Crunch, there was no big reveal. However, it was obvious that the messaging wasn't about a new product but a critical feature-- privacy, privacy, privacy.

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In fact, that word or some variation came up at least a dozen times before Zuckerberg's keynote even hit five minutes. Constine says the message is on point but Zuckerberg's tone, not so much.

"Zuckerberg trying to laugh off the privacy problems of the past may have worked here at F8 where there are a lot of loyalists and employees there to go along with, but when you're talking to the general public they want to know that you're dead serious about protecting their privacy and I don't think Facebook did enough to instill that sense of confidence," he said.

Constine is referring to Zuckerberg smiling as he acknowledged the company's widely criticized track record on privacy.

"We don't exactly have the strongest reputation on privacy, to put it lightly," Zuckerberg said on stage.

A tech executive from South Africa, Ross Norton, said, "I think the proof will be in their delivery, he's asked for time, so we'll see. I think the track record isn't great but at least there's the acknowledgment."

A few streets away from F8, we spoke to one woman who feels Zuckerberg's sudden embrace of privacy is too little, too late.

"Personally, I have lost faith, are you ready to leave Facebook because of it, I think so, yeah," said Leslie Berger.

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