'Fawntastic' rescue in Pacifica after baby deer gets stuck in drain

PACIFICA, Calif. (KGO) -- Firefighters and Police in Pacifica are calling it a "Fawntastic" rescue after they freed a baby deer from a storm drain.

One of the firefighters squeezed as much of his body as he could into the drain at Crespi and Barcelona Drives. The firefighter who rescued the fawn tells us he made sure to pet the newborn a few times to make it comfortable, before trying to pull it from the drain.

It took a little more special handling to make sure the fawn wasn't hurt as rescuers pulled it out.

We also learned this afternoon that the firefighter who rescued the deer has been on the job for only three months!

Rescuers left the deer in a neighbor's yard to wait for its mother.
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