San Jose man rescued after getting lost at Alum Rock Park

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- There was an all-out search in San Jose for a missing hiker on Monday.

A Cal Fire helicopter, scent dog and more than 40 firefighters, urban search and rescue crews and law enforcement officers went looking for 59-year-old Victor Bertagna, who got lost in the woods after a breakfast with fellow LDS church members at Alum Rock Park.

"He remembered from when he was a kid, he wanted to take the trail and see this waterfall," said Victor's friend Carl.

So Victor, Carl and their friend, David Hurtado, went for a hike that took them off the trail.

Hurtado said he and Victor fell behind and wandered onto private property looking for help from some homeowners.

"They thought that we were trespassing," said Hurtado.

Hurtado said he felt threatened by the man he spoke to, who said, "You gotta get off the property or I'm gonna get a gun."

Hurtado never actually saw a gun, but got scared and ran.

"I ran out of the way and then that's when me and Victor got separated and I lost him."

Hurtado made it down out of the woods, but couldn't find Victor and reported him missing.

Four hours later, Bertagna was spotted on home security footage in a San Jose neighborhood about five miles from his original hiking location.

Rescue crews quickly found Bertagna and whisked him away to the hospital.

Bertagna looked sweaty and exhausted in the back of the ambulance but was healthy enough to give a quick salute to the cameras.

Hurtado was there to see him off. "We're glad we're both okay."

Captain Josh Staley with the San Jose Fire Department was thrilled Bertagna was found before nightfall.

As summer approaches, he says hikers should stay on trails, stick with a hiking partner and bring water, food and supplies.
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