Napa girls score courtside interview with Stephen Curry at Warriors practice

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- Draymond, Klay and Curry...oh my! Game 3? Yes, it's almost time!

As the court opened up to the press inside Oracle Arena on Tuesday, it was like the battle of the fittest to talk with players ahead of Game 3 of the NBA Finals.

"We understand how special and privileged we are to be in this position," Andrew Bogut said. "To be in the NBA Finals year in and year out."

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"You know those moments get greater and greater so you feel good about it," Draymond Green said. "But, understanding the big picture you know, we've got three more games to win."

International media were all over Oracle Arena as well. They wanted to talk to local reporters. A news crew from Spain interviewed ABC7 News reporter Jobina Fortson.

There's only one crew ABC7 News noticed that didn't have to elbow their way to the stars -- fourth-grader Riley Morrison and her sister, Olivia.

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The sisters scored a courtside interview with Stephen Curry.

"They were a lot taller and they were a lot nicer," Riley said. "Well, Draymond was really nice. Yeah and since we already met Stephen, he was again really nice."

So how'd the duo get the gig? Late last year, Riley wrote a letter to Stephen Curry about his sneakers not being available in girls' sizes. The letter went viral. Who knew it would later land her a one-on-one with the basketball star?

"Good Morning America" asked the girls to be their kid sports reporters.

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"It was so much fun," Olivia said.

"They're just having fun with it and we're so blessed and thankful to be here," Megan Lopez, their mother, said.

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