Former talk show host Melanie Morgan leads caravan for President Trump supporters in Marin County

MARIN COUNTY, Calif. (KGO) -- In Marin County on Tuesday, Trump supporters got into their cars and caravaned. All in support of President Donald Trump's 2020 campaign.

Cars on the side of the road.

Red, white and blue flags.

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Donald Trump signs in Novato.

"Are these are the Republicans in Marin County?" I asked organizer and former talk show host Melanie Morgan.

"There are four more, but they're coming," she responded.

If you're going to paint a target on yourself, then best to keep moving.

"He declares for 2020 today, so we will put out our own little hello," said Morgan from behind the wheel of her Buick as she led a roughly a dozen cars on a route along Highway 101. This little caravan through Marin may not have been designed to provoke people, but based on all the one-finger salutes they received, it certainly did.

"Why do they hate you so much?" I asked Eleanor Lacey of Novato.

"Because they don't know history and they don't believe in God," she responded. On the road, people in passing cars were extending middle fingers at an 80-year-old.

When we asked what's the worst thing that's happened to her on the drive, Lacey responded, "Someone called me a Nazi." Little did they know, she's the daughter of immigrant Russian Jews. You may not agree with her, but in this story, Lacey personifies how a nation's political division has polarized and alienated us from each other.

"We may have an oligarchy in California, but we live in the United States," she said. "Why should I be afraid?"

In Marin County, Donald Trump received 16 percent of the vote in 2016. Since then, his supporters told us friends have shunned them. Many keep their politics to themselves.

"I had my car vandalized seven times," said Lauren Pritchard.

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Morgan added, "We are sick and tired of being told to shut up and sit down and your opinion doesn't matter."

In a nation that prides itself on free speech, this is where we stand on the cusp of another election. All too often, if we disagree with someone, we turn them into a pariah. Or, curse at them and flip them off.

What would The Founders say?

"People need to respect each other's opinion. I would never attack someone for their beliefs," said Pritchard.

Easy to say. In 2019, not so easy to practice.

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