Parents get new details about Jenner Beach murders as Shaun Michael Gallon sentenced to life in prison

SONOMA COUNTY, Calif. (KGO) -- The Sonoma County man who confessed to killing a young couple on the beach in Jenner back in 2004 was sentenced on Monday. Shaun Michael Gallon received three consecutive life terms without the possibility of parole. Two for the murder of the couple and one for killing his brother in 2017.

Lindsay Cutshall's mother brought the dress her daughter was supposed to wear on her wedding day. But she and her fiancé, Jason Allen, were shot one month before, on a beach in Jenner. Kathy Cutshall showed it in court to Gallon, the confessed killer.

"They had a future, they had a future in ministry, they had a future in their marriage, they had a future with us, my grandchildren," said Cutshall, holding back tears. "The emptiness of this dress is what I wanted to show."

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The young Midwest couple, she was 22 and he 26, were counselors at a religious camp in the Sierra. They decided to take off for a few days and ended up camping on Fish Head Beach. It was August 2004. For years, investigators and the family believed both were sleeping when they were shot. But during sentencing, it was revealed that Lindsay apparently knew for a brief moment what was going on.

"We always suspected that she was murdered second because of how cowardly this act was, but then to hear that she actually sat up from the killer himself, that was hard to hear," said Chris Cutshall, Lindsay's dad.

Gallon, who is now 40 years old, only confessed to the murders after he was arrested in 2017 for the shooting death of his brother inside the home they shared with their mother.

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To this date, Gallon has not given a reason for shooting the couple. In court Monday, his attorney said Gallon has had mental health issues and in 2001 took a large dose of LSD. According to his family, he has not been the same since.

He also tried to kill another man in June 2004 by planting a bomb on his car. Both had had a previous altercation. The man's wife was injured instead. On Monday, Gallon was also sentenced for that attempted murder.

When the family finally found out who had killed their daughter, Lindsay's mom sent Gallon a bible. On Monday in court she reminded him to read it.

Outside of the courtroom, Lindsay's father showed us a ring he now wears to remember his daughter.

"Lindsay and Jason finally had justice today and Shaun Gallon won't see the light of day again," said Lindsay's mother. "The sad thing is that nothing brings Lindsay and Jason back."
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