Firefighters perform high-rise Rescue on the Millennium Tower Complex

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- There was a high-in-the-sky emergency, as two window washers, working at the Millennium Tower complex, got stuck while they were cleaning outside the 10th floor. That is until the San Francisco Fire Department came to the rescue.

"We were basically sending a rescue group up to the roof, to try to repel down to them, while we were coming down from below with our aerial ladder to try to see if our ladder would reach up, and then also going straight to the 10th floor, to see if we could pull them in through the window," said Division Chief Michael Thompson.

Ultimately, firefighters pulled the workers to safety through windows they opened on the 10th floor.

The fire department says, the window washers started working at 7:00 am, but for some reason around Noon, their rig got stuck.

"It was crazy, crazy," exclaimed, Cory, one of the window washers who did not want to give his last name.

Cory says they were stuck hanging outside for more than four hours. "The motor stopped working on the rig, so we tried to fix it and then it wouldn't work anymore," said Cory, who added, "We just wanted to get in, get safe."

Cory shared a message for his rescuers. "We love 'em. We appreciate them."

After their rescue, Sky7 was overhead as Cory and his co-worker, worked with firefighters on the roof to try and figure out how to get their platform off the side of the building.

Eventually, another employee got it going and removed from the building.

Chief Thompson says with all of San Francisco's high rises, the SFFD trains for this type of incident.

Kate Larsen: "Lucky it was the 10th floor and not the 30th, 40th?"

Chief Thompson: "Exactly, that would have been a whole different ball game."
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