Gov. Newsom to deploy 31 disaster specialists for earthquake recovery efforts in Puerto Rico

FRESNO, Calif. -- With another large magnitude earthquake making its way through Puerto Rico, Gov. Gavin Newsom is making sure California lends a helping hand.

PUERTO RICO EARTHQUAKES: Powerful 5.9 shock rocks island Saturday morning

Newsom announced Saturday morning that 31 disaster specialists would be sent to Puerto Rico to aid in the recovery efforts. They will be assisting for the next 16 days.

These earthquakes have left over 2,000 residents in shelters and more than one million without power. Thousands are currently without water.

The 5.9 quake hit the southern part of the Caribbean island, in an area where several other quakes have killed at least one person and destroyed homes and schools in the last few weeks.

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The Puerto Rican government requested assistance from the California Governor's Office.

The group of 31 will leave from Sacramento on Sunday, January 12, and begin in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

"California stands with the people of Puerto Rico," said Governor Newsom. "Our nation-sized state knows first-hand the devastating toll of natural disasters and we will provide aid and support as our brothers and sisters rebuild and recover."

Since December 28, about 500 earthquakes have shaken the island, with the strongest being a magnitude 6.4 four days ago.
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