Coronavirus outbreak: Tracking latest developments of viral infection in US

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- The coronavirus outbreak has killed more than 1,775 people worldwide, the majority of which are in China, officials say.

The 2019 novel coronavirus, now known as COVID-19, was first detected in Wuhan, China with a link to a large seafood and animal market, suggesting an animal-to-person spread, the CDC reports.

Since its detection, the virus has infected over 71,000 people in more than 27 countries, including the United States. There are now 29 confirmed cases of the virus in the U.S. in seven states. 60 cases are still pending according to CDC's 2019 Novel Coronavirus in the U.S. page. (The CDC updates the webpage on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.)

This image shows a map of the United States with numbers of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the states of Arizona, California, Washington, Texas, Wisconsin, Illinois and Massachusetts on Feb. 13, 2020.

This image shows a map of the United States with the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 on Feb. 13, 2020.

Here are the latest developments on the respiratory illness in the U.S.:

FEB. 18, 2020:

Japanese officials announced Tuesday that another 500 passengers from the Diamond Princess cruise ship will be released on Wednesday. More than a dozen American cruise ship passengers who have already returned to the U.S. and tested positive for the virus, remain under careful watch in isolation. Some are being housed near Travis Air Force Base in Fairfield, while others at a national quarantine unit in Omaha, Nebraska.

Latest figures out of China put the number of cases at 72,436. That is up 1,888 from the day before.
The death toll in China rose by 98, and now stands at 1,868.

FEB. 17, 2020:

14 newly-infected Americans are being transported to an undisclosed location for continued care and isolation, after they tested positive for the virus, officials confirmed Sunday night. Those passengers were part of the evacuations for the quarantined Diamond Princess cruise ship docked in Yokohama, Japan. The 14 infected evacuees were kept in a separate containment area from passengers on two planes that flew to Travis Air Force Base in Fairfield, Calif., and Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas. Uninfected passengers face a two-week quarantine period at those bases.

FEB. 16, 2020:

Hundreds of American cruise ship passengers were evacuated and boarded two 747 jets to come back home. They and the rest of the American evacuees arrived around 11:30 pm Sunday night at Travis Air Force Base in Fairfield and later Sunday night at a base in Texas.

A Taiwanese man has also died, according to officials. He is the first person in Taiwan to die of the virus.

FEB. 15, 2020:

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Almost 400 Americans will be evacuated from the Diamond Princess cruise ship, which is docked in Japan with hundreds of cases of novel coronavirus on board.

The U.S. Embassy in Japan says the quarantined Diamond Princess cruise ship will start evacuating American passengers back to the United States. The ship has been under a two-week quarantine after a reported outbreak on Feb. 8th. The U.S. State Department says the 380 quarantined Americans will fly home sometime Sunday night. They will first arrive at Travis Air Force Base in Fairfield before heading to Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio. American passengers will still have to undergo 14 days of quarantine in the U.S. Anyone who has tested positive for coronavirus, or is showing symptoms, can't leave and will have to continue receiving treatment in japan.

France is also announcing the first confirmed coronavirus death in Europe as an 80-year-old man who had been visiting from the Hubei Province in China.

FEB. 14, 2020:

The World Health Organization is demanding answers from China about the large numbers of health workers falling sick because of the coronavirus. Chinese authorities revealed that nearly 1,800 health workers have tested positive for the virus and six have died. This comes as Beijing announced that confirmed 5,000 new coronavirus cases, the second spike in as many days, after a change in reporting methods drove the number higher on Thursday. The spike is prompting Beijing to set stringent new quarantine rules. Anyone entering the territory must isolate themselves for 14 days, or they could face charges.

In Japan, 11 people diagnosed with the virus were removed from the Diamond Princess cruise ship docked in Yokohama. It's the first step toward releasing some 36-hundred passengers who've been quarantined for nine days.

Officials with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention despite the growing numbers says there is no cause for alarm in the United States.

Coronavirus: Wuhan natives and others in Bay Area band together in relief effort
More than one million pieces of personal protective equipment has already been delivered to Wuhan health workers, because of Bay Area-based assistance. San Jose resident, Tom Gong and a team of volunteers jumped into action when the coronavirus outbreak locked down Wuhan, China in January.
Read full story here.

Coronavirus Outbreak: Last direct flight to China for weeks takes off at SFO
The last direct flights from China arrived and departed from SFO Friday evening. China Southern Airline's final direct flight from Guangzhou, China arrived just before 6 p.m. The final direct flight from SFO to China departed around 10:40 p.m.
Read full story here.

FEB. 13, 2020:

U.S. officials have announced the country's 15th confirmed case of the new coronavirus. They says it's an evacuee from China who had been under quarantine in Texas. The patient had been flown to Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio last week, after momentarily touching down at Travis Air Force Base in Fairfield, California. The person is now in isolation at a hospital. The infection was confirmed through a Wednesday night lab test. Two earlier U.S. cases were found among evacuees flown to Marine Corps Air Station Miramar in Southern California. Tens of thousands of cases of the illness have been reported globally. The vast majority of them are in China.

FEB. 12, 2020:

The CDC confirmed another infection with the 2019 novel coronavirus in California bringing the number of cases to 14 in the U.S. The patient is amond the group of people in federal quarantine from their recent return on a State department-chartered flight that arrived at the Miramar Marine base in San Diego and is being treated at a San Diego hospital. This is the second person at the base who tested positive for COVID-19. The first person at the base who tested positive were on different planes and housed in seperate facilities. Officials say there are no epidemiologic links between them. According to CDC on-site team lead Dr. Chris Braden, "At this time there is no indication of person-to-person spread of this virus at the quarantine facility, but CDC will carry out a thorough contact investigation as part of its current response strategy to detect and contain any cases of infection with this virus."

Travis Air Force base says five people who arrived last week from Wuhan, China have tested negative for coronavirus. The number of quarantined passengers on the base dropped by one to 233 today because one person had been mistakenly counted twice each day.

Health officials in China say the number of new cases of the coronavirus in the country dropped for a second straight day. That's a possible glimmer of hope amid the outbreak that has infected over 45,000 people worldwide and killed more than 1,100. In Geneva, Dr. Mike Ryan, the head of emergencies for the World Health Organization, says "it's way too early to try to predict the beginning of the end'' of the outbreak in China. But he says it is reassuring that the number of daily cases appears to be stabilizing, mainly because of China's huge public health operation, which has placed an unprecedented 60 million people under lockdown.

The outbreak has prompted the cancellation of the world's largest mobile phone trade fair, scheduled for February 24th in Barcelona, Spain and the Dalai Lama has canceled all his public engagements until further notice due to the outbreak.

FEB. 11, 2020:

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Nearly 200 evacuees from China were cleared from federal quarantine on Tuesday afternoon.

The World Health Organization has announced an official name of the new coronavirus that has killed more than 1,000 people and spread to two dozen other countries: COVID-19. "Having a name matters to prevent the use of other names that can be inaccurate or stigmatizing. It also gives us a standard format to use for any future coronavirus outbreaks," WHO director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said.

Nearly 200 people evacuated from China now get to leave the March Air Reserve Base in Riverside County. They've been quarantined for the last 14 days. No one tested positive for the virus. The group flew out of China in late-January and was eventually taken to March Air Reserve Base in Southern California. In the group, a Palo Alto mother and daughter who were in Wuhan, China to visit family when the coronavirus outbreak hit were able to reunite with family in the Bay Area.

Tech giants including Facebook, Cisco Systems and Intel have pulled out of the upcoming Mobile World Congress because of public health risks related to the virus. The world's biggest mobile industry trade show is set for later this month in Barcelona, Spain. It usually attracts more than 100-thousand people from around the world.

FEB. 10, 2020:

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Australian researchers said they found a breakthrough that will help contain the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

A case of coronavirus has been diagnosed in an evacuee from China housed at a San Diego base, the first confirmed case among hundreds of American evacuees. The case was diagnosed among evacuees at the Miramar Marine base in San Diego. A second person is being evaluated for possibly having the virus.

At least 23 Americans are among those infected on the Diamond Princess cruise ship quarantined outside Yokohama, Japan. There are a total of about 3,700 people on board and the Japanese government is considering testing every single person. The number of infected people on board doubled overnight to 135.

Australian researchers said they found a breakthrough that will help contain the ongoing coronavirus outbreak. There is not yet any vaccine or specific treatment for the virus. However, the discovery made by some researchers at the University of Sydney could speed up the development of effective treatments.

FEB. 9, 2020:

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A Marin County man living in Wuhan, says he can't come back to California because his girlfriend, a Chinese National, can't get a visa and he doesn't want to leave her behind in the midst of the coronavirus epidemic.

Mainland China has reported another rise in cases of the new virus after a sharp decline the previous day, while the number of deaths grow by 97 to 908, with at least two more outside the country. On Monday, China's health ministry said another 3,062 cases had been reported over the previous 24 hours, raising the Chinese mainland's total to 40,171. Earlier, France closed two schools after five British visitors contracted the virus at a ski resort. Malaysia, South Korea and Vietnam reported one new case each. Meanwhile, the mother of a physician who died last week in the hardest-hit city of Wuhan said she wants an explanation from authorities who reprimanded her son for warning about the virus.
AP Contributed to this report.

A Marin County native spoke to ABC7 News today from Wuhan via Skype. He now lives there with his girlfriend and can't come back to California because he doesn't want to leave his girlfriend who is a Chinese national and can't get a visa. He describes the "scary situation" out there, and how it's like living in an "absulute ghost town."

FEB. 8, 2020:

China announced that the death toll on the mainland increased to 811 on Saturday, surpassing SARS fatalities in the 2002-2003 outbreak. It said 3,399 more people had been diagnosed with the virus over the last 24 hours, reversing two days of declines, raising the total number of cases on the mainland to 37,198.

FEB. 7, 2020:

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The 2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) was first detected in Wuhan China with a link to a large seafood and animal market, suggesting an animal-to-person spread, the CDC reports.

1st American death confirmed; 60-year-old U.S. citizen died in China

A 60-year-old U.S. citizen died from the coronavirus at a Wuhan hospital on Feb. 6, according to the U.S. Embassy in Beijing.

"We offer our sincerest condolences to the family on their loss. Out of the respect for the family's privacy, we have no further comment," said the spokesperson. It said it would have no further comment out of respect for the family's privacy.

An update today from the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) revealed no new cases in the United States. The total remains at 12. All but two of the patients had recently traveled to Wuhan. "Although the virus represents a potentially very serious public health threat, and we expect to continue seeing more cases here, the immediate risk to the American public is low at this time," says HHS Secretary Alex Azar. Dr. Anthony Fauci, the Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, announced that the anti-viral drug Remdesivir, made by Fremont-based Gilead Sciences, has shown some positive results. The drug is now part of a randomized clinical trial in China. A vaccine for coronavirus is in development but trials will take months.

President Trump today spoke with China's President Xi and says the two countries are working closely to combat the coronavirus.

Flight with evacuees from China lands at Travis Air Force Base

Another flight carrying coronavirus evacuees has landed at Travis Air Force Base. Passengers were screened for the virus; four people exhibited possible symptoms and were taken to the hospital. The rest of the passengers continued on, flying to Texas, and then to their final destination in Nebraska. Another plane stopped in Vancouver, Canada before landing at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar outside of San Diego. All passengers will spend 14 days in quarantine.

'We're all so scared' San Francisco woman quarantined onboard Diamond Princess cruise ship in Japan

11 Americans on the Diamond Princess cruise ship near Tokyo, Japan have tested positive for coronavirus. Julie Choy and her family are feeling fine, but are taking precautions.
"We're taking our temperature ourselves," said Choy. But she says everyone is going crazy. Approximately 3,700 people are on board the ship. Of those, 61 have coronavirus and have been taken to hospitals onshore. The cruise was originally supposed to last for two weeks but passengers will be on board for a month, in quarantine, until Feb. 19.

Anthem of the Seas, a Royal Caribbean cruise ship sailing from the Bahamas, arrived in Bayonne, New Jersey with people who possibly have coronavirus. More than 2 dozen passengers were isolated and tested. 4 of them were taken off the ship to be evaluated at a hospital. All other passengers were cleared.

Royal Caribbean International is now banning anyone with a Chinese, Hong Kong or Macau passport, regardless of when they were last in the country.

Bay Area nonprofit donating masks to China amid coronavirus outbreak

The World Health Organization, WHO declared on Friday a global shortage of critically needed N95 masks and isolation gowns so badly needed in China's coronavirus outbreak.
How you can donate here.

Bay Area families canceling trips amid outbreak

The first confirmed case of the novel coronavirus in the Bay Area was announced one week ago. In the days since families with travel plans to visit China have been scrambling to cancel their trips and to get refunds.

How families are getting their travel refunds here.

FEB. 6, 2020:

Safety concerns ahead of Chinese New Year Parade

Organizers of San Francisco's Chinese New Year Parade say the event is still happening Saturday night. They posted a notice on the parade's website reading, "We are aware of the coronavirus and are monitoring the situation with the guidance of the CDC, WHO, and local health authorities. There are no plans for the cancellation of the parade. Should events change, we will notify everyone through our website, local news, and social media platforms."

Scientists in Wuhan, China, are looking to patent a drug made by a San Francisco Bay Area company. An experimental drug called Remdesivir from Gilead in Foster City has been used to treat some coronavirus patients, including a Seattle man who had America's first case. He has responded well. Now, the Associated Press reports that scientists in Wuhan have applied to patent that drug and begin clinical trials. China might have to pay a license fee to Gilead to make this happen.

Also in Wuhan, the whistleblower doctor who raised early concerns about novel coronavirus has died. The government reprimanded the 34-year-old doctor for "rumor-mongering" when he posted information about how quickly coronavirus was spreading at the hospital where he worked. Earlier Thursday, state-run media reported the doctor had died, before saying he was in critical condition, then announcing he had, in fact, died.

Thursday morning in Wuhan, a 36-hour old newborn tested positive for novel coronavirus, raising concerns about maternal-fetal transfer. The newborn is the youngest patient.

Infectious disease specialists replacing coronavirus fears with facts

Infectious disease doctors from two prestigious research institutes held an event to share what is known and what scientists are still learning about the novel coronavirus. The goal: to replace fear with fact.
"This is a very scary and fast-moving infection," says Dr, Melanie Ott of the Gladstone Institutes, a biomedical research organization in San Francisco's Mission Bay area.

Why it's okay for people to be in concern, not in panic here.

Coronavirus cancels vacation, Bay Area family now in self-quarantine

ABC7 News spoke to a family who returned to the Bay Area from Southeast Asia, instead of taking a cruise that was planned more than a year in advance. Now they're holding themselves under quaratine for fear they may have been exposed to the virus. "We just felt like we could've been exposed to it... we're not sure," said Gail Yip who lives on the Peninsula.

Coronavirus testing will soon happen at state-run lab in Richmond

Next week, scientists at a state-run lab in Richmond will begin testing for the coronavirus, with quick turn around time. Right now, testing on the federal level, takes about a week. "Specimens will no longer be shipped to Atlanta, the process can be speeded up."

FEB. 5, 2020:

Nearly 200 American evacuees arrive at Travis Air Force Base in Fairfield, California

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New video shows the inside of the plane that landed at Travis Air Force Base on Wednesday, Feb. 5, 2020.

About 178 Americans coming from Wuhan, China, arrived at Travis Air Force Base Wednesday, officials said. Two flights carrying the passengers left China as part of a U.S. Department of State chartered evacuation. Passengers on one of the flights will remain at the air base and be quarantined for 14 days. Passengers on the other flight will continue on to Miramar Marine Corps Air Station in San Diego after the plane refuels at Travis Air Force Base.

Read full story here.

Death toll rises, 12th case of coronavirus confirmed in Wisconsin resident, officials say

Health officials said Wednesday that the patient is isolated but state health officials would not say where they are located, their age or any other details. China has reported 73 more deaths from a new virus, raising its total to 563, as the World Health Organization appealed for more funds to help countries battle the spread of the disease. Health officials in Asia have quarantined two ship cruisers with some 5,400 people on board.

Read full story here.

'It's been a lot of fear': North Bay man feeling isolated, shunned since returning home from China

Fears over the Coronavirus have left some travelers to China, feeling a bit shunned upon their return to the Bay Area.
"I'm feeling fine, no symptoms whatsoever," said Marc Herman.
Marc and his Fiancé from Cotati just returned home last week from a trip to China. They weren't required to undergo any special health screening at SFO.

Read full story here.

San Jose Unified School District monitoring for virus symptoms

The South Bay's largest school district, San Jose Unified, is in a unique position with 48 nurses and health clerks. Monitoring symptoms is a top priority. The district has 26 school nurses plus almost that many health clerks with nurse training covering 41 schools. So they're on the alert for the flu and now for the novel coronavirus.

See how health offices are fully equipped to monitor just under 30,000 students here.

Lawrence Livermore Lab researchers examine virus in hopes of blocking, treating it

Deep inside the heavily protected Lawrence Livermore Lab complex scientists are trying to build a 3D model of the proteins that make up the structure of the coronovirus.

They hope doing that will provide researchers with a starting point for finding out what makes the virus tick and how to fight it.

See full story here.

FEB. 4, 2020

ABC7 News tours SF General ICU isolation rooms amid coronavirus concerns

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Here's a look at SF General's ICU isolation room that has been used to treat patients with a variety of infectious diseases, including H1N1, tuberculosis, and measles.

Hundreds of Americans are being evacuated from China and will land at Travis Air Force Base in Fairfield on Wednesday, where they will be quarantined for at least two weeks. If one of the evacuees is diagnosed with coronavirus once they are stateside, they will be taken to a hospital. Right now, UCSF is treating two coronavirus patients, who were transferred to their Parnassus campus on Monday, from San Benito County.

Tour SF General Hospital's isolation rooms here.

American, United airlines suspend flights to Hong Kong, citing 'weak demand'

American Airlines said Tuesday it has suspended flights to Hong Kong through Feb. 20 due to weak demand, and United Airlines will do the same next weekend. Interest in travel to Hong Kong was already weakened by months of anti-government protests in the city, and has fallen off more recently as the coronavirus outbreak spreads in China.

Read full story here.

Battle to stop coronavirus could impact the U.S. economy

No one knows yet to what extent the coronavirus will disrupt exports from China to the U.S. However, the stakes are high. By some estimates, 90% of our vitamin C, 70% of the apple juice and a quarter of the garlic consumed by Americans comes from China. 97% of the antibiotics used in America are made in China. The low cost of manufacturing in China has helped American consumers stretch their budgets. iPhones, electronic parts and clothing are just some of the goods we see on shelves bearing the label, Made in China.

Read full story here.

San Francisco International Airport is losing money due to the viral outbreak, officials say

The airport director at SFO updated the airport commission Tuesday morning on how the outbreak of the coronavirus is impacting the airport.

"We are seeing from flight activity, there's about half the flights now that we typically have to China. So we are down from about 90 a week to 40, 45," said airport director Ivar Satero.

Read full story here.

FEB. 3, 2020

Travelers react to new travel restrictions in place at San Francisco International Airport

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New travel restrictions took place at San Francisco International Airport on Feb. 2, 2020.

Weichong Lim arrived at San Francisco International Airport from Singapore on Sunday for a business trip. He says it took him six hours to get through customs. He also says there was extra security and medical staff ready to treat passengers showing symptoms of the Coronavirus.

"There was a section where they were doing some tests for selected people," says Lim.

Read full story here.

Two patients from Benito County with confirmed cases of coronavirus being treated at UCSF, health officials say

Multiple nurses and employees at the UCSF Parnassus campus said they received an email Monday that said two patients with coronavirus were transferred to the hospital for treatment.

SF mayor says Lunar New Year parade will still go on, see full story here.

Princeton University revises number of students in self-isolation to fewer than 20 amid coronavirus fears

In New Jersey, students from Princeton University who traveled to China within the last two weeks are being asked to self-isolate amid growing concerns of coronavirus.

A spokesperson with the school said that as of Sunday, 108 students were in self-isolation.

However, on Monday, the university released a statement saying now fewer than 20 students were being assessed for self-quarantine based on the criteria set by the New Jersey Department of Health.

See full story here.

FEB. 2, 2020

2 cases of coronavirus confirmed south of Gilroy in San Benito County, person-to-person transmission, health officials say

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Two cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in San Benito County, according to health officials on Feb. 2, 2020.

Two cases of coronavirus have been confirmed south of Gilroy in San Benito County, according to health officials. They say the case includes a husband and wife, and both are 57 years old. Health officials say the husband recently traveled to Wuhan, China and the wife did not. Therefore, officials say this is a person-to-person transmission.

Read more on the most recent case of coronavirus in California here.

Centers for Disease Control confirms second case of coronavirus in Santa Clara County

The CDC says an adult female tested positive of the novel coronavirus. They say this case is not related to the first case, but they both recently traveled to Wuhan, China where the outbreak started. She is visiting the U.S. and arrived on Jan. 23 to visit family.

Read more on the second Santa Clara County case here.

The Philippines reports world's first coronavirus-related death outside China

The first death outside China from the new coronavirus was recorded Sunday in the Philippines, as countries around the world evacuated hundreds of their citizens from the infection zone and Chinese authorities completed a new, rapidly constructed 1,000-bed hospital for victims of the outbreak. The Philippine Health Department said a 44-year-old Chinese man from Wuhan, the city at the center of the crisis, was hospitalized Jan. 25 with a fever, cough and sore throat and died after developing severe pneumonia. The man's 38-year-old female companion, also from Wuhan, tested positive for the virus as well and remained hospitalized in isolation in Manila.

Read full story here.

FEB. 1, 2020

Fairfield's Travis Air Force Base to house at least 250 evacuees, authorities announce

As the nation's eighth case of coronavirus was confirmed on Saturday, Travis Air Force Base in Fairfield was tapped to be one of four U.S. military bases on standby to house overseas travelers who may need to be quarantined.

The Pentagon approved a Department of Health and Human Services request for facilities capable of housing at least 250 people in individual rooms through Feb. 29, according to announcement Saturday on the base's Facebook page.
Travis will only provide housing -- the housing agency will be responsible for care, transportation, and security of evacuees, according to the base's statement.

Read full story here.

Eighth US case of deadly coronavirus from China confirmed in Massachusetts as death toll rises to 259

The man, who is a student at the University of Massachusetts Boston, had recently traveled to Wuhan, China, and sought medical care soon after returning home, according to a statement from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. Massachusetts Public Health Commissioner Monica Bharel said the man was recovering in isolation at his home and she was grateful that he sought medical attention immediately.

See full story here.

JAN. 31, 2020

Bay Area's first case of coronavirus confirmed in Santa Clara County, CDC says

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The San Francisco Bay Area's first case of the coronavirus from Wuhan, China has been confirmed in Santa Clara County, the CDC says.

The CDC says an adult male resident tested positive for the new coronavirus. He has been self-isolating since he returned from a trip to Wuhan on Jan. 24, officials say. He has not been hospitalized and has not been very sick. He's currently being treated as an outpatient and has come into contact with very few individuals since he's been home, officials say.

See full story here.

Delta, American Airlines, United temporarily suspend all flights to China amid outbreak concerns

President Donald Trump's Coronavirus Task Force declared the virus a "public health emergency" in the U.S. and announced new action to limit its spread. Trump will temporarily bar entry to the U.S. of foreign nationals believed to be at risk of transmitting the virus.

The new restrictions begin Sunday afternoon. Americans returning from Hubei province, the center of the outbreak, will be required to undergo 14 days of quarantine. Others returning from elsewhere in China will be allowed to self-monitor their condition for a similar period.

Delta Air Lines, American Airlines and United Airlines will temporarily suspend all flights between the United States and China amid growing concerns surrounding the deadly coronavirus outbreak, the companies announced Friday.

United, the largest U.S. based carrier that flies to China, announced Friday that it will suspend flights from Feb. 6 until March 28.On Feb. 1, Delta made the decision to speed up its plan and released this update:
"Delta has made the decision to accelerate its plan to temporarily suspend flights between the U.S. and China to Feb. 2 following updated U.S. Health and Human Services screening protocols that will go into effect on Feb. 2. The last China-bound flight departing the U.S. will leave on Saturday, Feb. 1 with the last return flight back to the U.S. departing China on Feb. 2."

See latest on suspended airlline flights here.

Travelers react to new travel restrictions set to begin Sunday

ABC7 sat down with Cynthia Choi, Co-Executive Director for the group Chinese For Affirmative Action. Choi feels that news of the Coronavirus is troubling, but the travel restrictions are too extreme.

"The public looks to our elected officials to provide information to be measured and to be responsible, and this travel ban sends the opposite message," Choi said.

She said the restrictions are effectively a 'travel ban.' "Unfortunately xenophobic. Suggesting that all Chinese people are hosts of this potentially deadly virus. The ban really does I think, promote stigma and discrimination against the Chinese so in effect it is creating what many Chinese American and many Asian Americans feel which is it's promoting an anti-Chinese sentiment," Choi said.

The new travel restrictions are set to begin Sunday February 2, starting at 8 pm Pacific Time.

See full story here.

JAN. 30, 2020

The World Health Organization declares global emergency over coronavirus from China

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Kemberly Richardson reports on the The World Health Organization declaring the new virus from China a global emergency.

WHO declared the outbreak sparked by a new virus in China, known as 2019 novel Coronavirus, that has been exported to more than a dozen countries as a global emergency Thursday after the number of cases spiked more than tenfold in a week.
The U.N. health agency defines an international emergency as an "extraordinary event" that constitutes a risk to other countries and requires a coordinated international response.

See full story here.

The US State Department issues 'do not travel' warning as coronavirus spreads

See full travel warning from the U.S. Department of State here.

Bay Area school trip, Lunar New Year events canceled due to potentially deadly virus

The Coronavirus outbreak is prompting local officials to take safety precautions after the rapid spread of the virus has caused concern on a global scale.
The U.S. State Department issued a 'do not travel' advisory to China.
School officials at the Chinese Immersion school, Alice Fong Yu Alternative in San Francisco's Sunset District, made the decision to cancel the eighth graders' trip to China.
The 2020 Palo Alto Chinese New Year Fair scheduled for February 16th is canceled, as well as the Avenidas Chinese Community Center's Lunar New Year Celebration, scheduled for today, Jan. 30.

Read more for canceled events in the Bay Area here.

JAN. 29, 2020

Americans flown from China virus zone arrive in California

A plane evacuating 201 Americans from the Chinese city at the center of the virus outbreak arrived Wednesday at a Southern California military base after everyone aboard passed a health screening test in Anchorage, where the aircraft had stopped to refuel.

See full story here.

JAN. 27, 2020

City leaders say San Francisco is ready for coronavirus

San Francisco Mayor London Breed held a briefing Monday to underscore there are no confirmed cases of the coronavirus in the city. However, the city has opened its emergency operations center and is prepared if the situation changes.

She said there were rumors that a State Department flight might be coming into SFO on Tuesday, carrying U.S. consulate staff and perhaps other Americans. But the director of San Francisco International said he has been told that flight will now land first in Anchorage before continuing on to Ontario in Southern California. Passengers will be checked three times.

Read full story here.

JAN. 26, 2020

5th case of new virus confirmed in Arizona, 2 others in California, bringing U.S. total to 5

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A fifth case of the deadly coronavirus that originated in central China was confirmed in the United States, health officials announced Sunday.

Two new cases were reported Sunday - one in Los Angeles County in California and the other in Maricopa County, Arizona. The latter case was someone with ties to Arizona State University who did not live in school housing and had a history of travel to Wuhan, China, state health officials said.

See full story here.

U.S. to evacuate consulate staff from Wuhan to San Francisco amid coronavirus outbreak
In a short notice, the State Department said they will relocate people at the U.S. Consulate in Wuhan and as many private U.S. citizens as they can, in a one time flight that will arrive at SFO on Tuesday.

See full story here.

JAN. 24, 2020

Several Bay Area counties actively taking precautions as coronavirus outbreak worsens

San Francisco's Department of Public Health announced Friday that it's actively preparing to respond to cases of the coronavirus, but at this point there are "0" cases confirmed.
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San Francisco's Department of Public Health announced that it's actively preparing to respond to cases of the coronavirus, but at this point, there are "0" cases confirmed.

In San Francisco's Chinatown, many are still highly concerned and taking action.

Read full story here.

Second U.S. coronavirus case confirmed in Chicago

A Chicago resident is the second confirmed case of coronavirus in the United States after she returned from traveling in Wuhan, China, the CDC confirmed Friday.
The CDC said that the patient, a woman in her 60s, is clinically doing well and is in stable condition. She traveled to Wuhan in late December and returned to the U.S. on January 13.

See full story here.

JAN 23, 2020

New coronavirus warning posters from CDC posted at San Francisco International Airport

The CDC posted new warnings about the outbreak of coronavirus at 14 airports across the country, including San Francisco International Airport on Thursday.

Read full story here.

People being tested for coronavirus in Alameda County, public health officer says results still pending

The Alameda County Public Health Department has confirmed that patients from the county who have recently traveled to Wuhan, China have been tested for the coronavirus.

See full story here.

JAN. 22, 2020

Coronavirus outbreak kills 17 in China; U.S. has 1 confirmed case, health officials say

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The death toll was nine Wednesday morning but jumped to 17 later in the day.

Read full story here.

JAN 21, 2020

CDC expects more cases of coronavirus in US after first incident in Washington State

U.S. health specialists will be able to study the coronavirus closely as the other confirmed cases are in five Asian countries -- China, Thailand, Japan, Taiwan and South Korea.

In a conference call disclosing details of this case, the CDC made an ominous warning. It expects additional cases in the United States and globally.

See full story here.

First coronavirus U.S. case confirmed by CDC; virus has killed 6 in China

The first person in the U.S. with the new coronavirus has surfaced at a hospital in Everett, Washington.

Health officials won't identify him, but reports say he is in his 30's and had traveled near Wuhan, China earlier this month before returning home. He landed at Seattle's Sea-Tac Airport last Wednesday and developed symptoms a few days later.

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JAN. 20, 2020

Human-to-human transmission confirmed in China coronavirus

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Chinese President Xi Jinping is calling for "resolute efforts" to curb the spread of coronavirus.

The head of a Chinese government expert team said Monday that human-to-human transmission has been confirmed in an outbreak of a new coronavirus, a development that raises the possibility that it could spread more quickly and widely.

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