Flu activity peaking across Bay Area and US

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- While so much focus is on the coronavirus, there is another virus circulating that most of us are dealing with - the common, seasonal flu.

The CDC data collected from across the country is indicating the peak is now, and that's being reflected by the number of patients seeing doctors with flu symptoms.

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Tuesday was a busy day at the clinic on East Virginia Street operated by Gardner Health Services in San Jose.

A nurse gave 18-year-old Shay Arriaga her first-ever flu shot.

The latest state and federal statistics point to California and the Bay Area reaching the peak period for seasonal flu.
"I haven't seen any severe cases as yet but definitely moderate with pretty significant fevers, body aches and chills and yeah," said Medical Director Dr. Ranjani Chandramouli.

The elderly and children under two are the most vulnerable, doctors say. The CDC reports that 92 children have died from flu since fall. There have been about 14,000 flu-related deaths.

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There are two types of flu, A and B. B started out to be more prevalent, but now A has become more common.

"Right now we're seeing more of A's around but there are definitely B's going around as well," said Dr. Chandramouli. "They're both prevalent, they're both virulent strains, and they both cause serious conditions with pneumonia, hospitalizations and even deaths."

An animated map produced by the CDC shows how the number of patients reporting flu-like symptoms has grown steadily, sweeping coast to coast.

Because the flu is highly contagious, medical professionals are suggesting that maybe a face mask might be an appropriate measure to prevent others from getting it, especially in close quarters such as in an office or at home.

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Turning our attention back to clinic patient Shay Arriaga, we asked if she felt better after getting a flu shot. "Yeah," she said. "Probably recommend other people to get it too so they're safe."

Doctors say it's never too late to get a flu shot.
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