Possible coronavirus patient in Sonoma County can't get tested, blames President Trump

SONOMA COUNTY, Calif. (KGO) -- A Sonoma County couple is under self-quarantine after returning from Italy.

The wife is especially sick - she and her doctors believe from coronavirus - but she has not been able to get tested.

I-Team reporter Dan Noyes spoke with the couple about their growing frustration.

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Donnee Komisar tells Dan she's sure she has the coronavirus, so he took steps to protect the both of them. He delivered a wireless microphone in a bright blue plastic bag to the 69-year-old, and then kept a healthy social distance.

Donnie Komisar tell Dan she returned from two months in Italy; she took her granddaughter to pursue their mutual interest in art.

Her husband, David Stahlberg, joined for the last part of the trip. They've both felt coronavirus symptoms, but Donnee's is the worst.

"I felt really sick," Donnee Komisar told the I-Team. "And then I started to feel a little better and I thought okay I'm getting over this and then a second wave hit. And I've been in bed for the last three days."

She started feeling sick on the flight home March 4th, and it got worse as they made their way from Italy through Germany and to SFO.

Dan: "Are you sure you have COVID-19?"

Donnee Komisar: I've talked to the Sonoma County Health Department, and my doctors at UCSF Medical Center and they both say those sound like the symptoms, but I couldn't get tested. I've tried. ... Nobody has kits to test."

They told her to self-quarantine and as the days drag on, Donnee is getting more and more frustrated, especially when she heard this from President Trump.

"But we have 'em very heavily tested," the president said March 12. "If an American is coming back or anybody is coming back, we're testing. We have a tremendous testing set up where people coming in have to be tested."

Donnee Komisar: "Well, listen, how many lies has he told now? What 17,000 lies. So, hello!"

Dan: "So this isn't true?"

Donnee Komisar: "Absolutely not, consider the source."

Dan called and emailed the Sonoma County Department of Public Health to find out when Donnee might get a coronavirus test, but did not hear back.

Yesterday, officials said the county is doing its best to ramp up testing.

Dr. Sundari Mase, Interim Health Director Sonoma County, said, "As far as the number of tests being performed, that is dynamic, always changing so I can't give you he exact up to date numbers.However as of Friday, our public health lab performed over 60 tests."

Donnee Komisar tells Dan she just started feeling better today. But she wants to be tested for COVID-19 before she ends her self-quarantine. She wants to make sure she doesn't infect anyone else.

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