Coronavirus: Santa Clara County officials recommend face coverings in public

SANTA CLARA COUNTY, Calif. (KGO) -- Today Santa Clara County health officials provided the public more information about their new recommendation to wear face coverings.

Officials say wearing these face coverings are not a substitute for sheltering in place, handwashing, and social distancing. They do provide a layer of protection if you have to leave your home.

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ABC News Chief Medical Correspondent Doctor Jennifer Ashton talked on "GMA" about whether people should be disinfecting their masks once they take them off.

"We don't have data on how long this virus survives on fabrics, but it's important to remember here, this is not meant to be a sterile procedure. You're not performing surgery. You're just trying to form a barrier between your exhalation, stopping those viral particles from getting out there in the environment. So don't overthink it," said Dr. Ashton.

Doctor Ashton says the CDC recommends not putting masks on toddlers under the age of two but they do think children can be infected, and just not show symptoms and therefore transmit the virus. Doctor Ashton suggests if they child is old enough to wear a little bandana or scarf, that might be a good solution.

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