'We need to reopen right now': Marin County residents demand businesses reopen fully amid COVID-19

NOVATO, Calif. (KGO) -- Signs reading "Reopen California," were placed on closed businesses in Downtown Novato by a group of residents who want their city, county and California as a whole to reopen.

"We need to reopen and we need to reopen right now. We are free falling into an economic catastrophe," said "said Novato resident Melanie Morgan, who's also a former conservative radio talk show host.

"I'm speaking to Gov. Gavin Newsom right now: why is it that the rules do keep changing?" said Novato resident Vanessa Parvin.

On Monday, a new group of businesses in Marin, San Francisco and other Bay Area counties are set to reopen for curbside pickup.

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"We are allowing access for retail establishments to do businesses at the curbside. We are also adding warehouses and manufacturing and certain parks," said Matt Willis, Marin County's public health officer.

But, this group of Novato residents says reopening some businesses for curbside pickup is not enough.

"The sooner we get these businesses the faster they get their customers and clients back in the door," said Novato resident Nancy Abruzzo.

There are 287 confirmed COVID-19 cases in Marin County. Dr. Willis says reopening fully is not wise at this point.

"There are 58 counties and we are the 9th highest. We are the 18th highest overall incidents. So we are not ready to open the floodgates, that would be a mistake," said Dr. Willis.

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For now Marin County is providing safety guidelines for businesses to partially open

"We've been through a process with everyone where they fill out a template of all the different contingencies within their business making sure that their staff is trained and they understand protocols," said Dr. Willis.

San Rafael resident Derek Rosen says he's looking forward to visiting local retailers on Monday while holding on to hope that this pandemic didn't put them out of business.

"Obviously we are listening to science, we're listening to data to make those determinations, so hopefully it'll be soon," said Rosen.

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