BART installs 'swing-style' fare gates at Richmond station, timeline for system-wide roll out expected Thursday

RICHMOND, Calif. (KGO) -- When you start to take BART back into the office, the way you enter the station may look a whole lot different.

A prototype of BART's new swing-style fare gates was just installed at the Richmond station.

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You may remember these gates were approved in the fall of last year as a way to stop fare evasion while making it easier for those with wheelchairs, strollers, bikes or luggage.

The gate has two 5-feet, clear barriers that are meant to discourage riders from jumping over or pushing through the gates.

The gates also allow for easier entry for those in a wheelchair or with a stroller.

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According to BART, the new gates can handle 30 riders per minute.

The cost for installing the new gates across the transit system is estimated at $90 million, BART officials say.

The transit agency will discuss a timeline for installing these at all its stations at Thursday's board meeting.
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