Consumer Catch-up: Distracted driving laws, Instagram filtering out bullying, Gibson Guitars files bankruptcy

Distracted driving penalties could get stiffer

Lawmakers want to crack down on distracted driving in California.

State Senators approved a bill to ramp up penalties for the act, including making it a moving violation. The bill would add one point to your DMV record if you are caught texting and driving.

Fines would also increase - right now, the range is $20 to $50 for using a cell phone or other electronic equipment.

The author of the bill, Senator Josh Newman, D - Orange County, says the risks are as serious as impaired driving. He says penalties should be similar.

The bill heads next to the State Assembly for more consideration.

Instagram filters bullying

Instagram says it is taking concrete steps against bullying on its app. The social media company says starting today, it will filter out "bullying comments intended to harass or upset people in the Instagram community."

This is an upgraded feature of Instagram's offensive comment filter. The filter already screened for toxic and divisive comments, especially aimed at high-risk groups.

Now, Instagram says the filter will also look for attacks on someone's appearance or character, as well as threats to health or well-being.

The filter is automatically turned on in the app, and can be manually turned off. It will also alert Instagram so they can take action against repeat offenders.

Gibson Guitars files bankruptcy

A drastic move today by one of the world's most iconic guitar makers. Gibson Brands, which makes Gibson guitars and Baldwin pianos, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

Reports say the pre-negotiated reorganization plan will allow Gibson to continue operations with $135 million in financing from lenders.

Gibson was founded in 1894, and has wrestled with debt for years.

Gibson Guitars have been used by some of the world's greatest and most influential players including Chuck Berry, B.B. King, Jimmy Page, and countless others.

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