Consumer Catch-up: DMV wait lines, looting during natural disasters, WOW Air deals

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Tuesday, July 24, 2018
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State lawmakers want to cut down on long waiting lines at the DMV. Plus, WOW Air is offering incredible flight deals - with some fine print. The consumer news you need to know for Monday, July 23, 2018.

Cutting down DMV lines

Lines have been running out the door at local DMV offices for months. Now, state lawmakers are looking for solutions.

The DMV says the backlog is being caused by the federal government's new "REAL ID" program.

After 2020 you must have a REAL ID card or a passport to fly on a commercial jet.

Consumers are confused over which ID they need to get, and that is causing the backup.

Jessica Gonzalez from the DMV says, "We're also seeing it also takes twice as long to process a REAL ID transaction. So once you get your queue number and you sit down and wait to actually complete that transaction is taking longer."

Customers are reporting walk-in wait times of up to seven hours at some locations.

Governor signs looting law

When natural disasters strike, so do thieves. Last year, there were a number of reports of people returning to their property after an emergency and discovering valuables had been stolen.

Governor Brown signed a bill into law which expands the crime of looting to include periods when residents are evacuated from their home or business due to an emergency.

The new law calls for increased penalties for burglaries committed during state-ordered evacuations. Some looters have been found posing as firefighters and other emergency workers.

WOW Air cheap flights

Super cheap airfares are available between San Francisco and Iceland, for just $99 each way.

That's the headline - of course, there is fine print attached. The flights on WOW Air are extremely limited and are only good August 6 - October 26.

Passengers getting the fares must pay more for checked or carry-on luggage. Still, the deal is a steal.

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