Consumer Catch-up: CVS puts Enfamil back on store shelves, DMV help for wait times, Starbucks testing healthier Frappuccinos

CVS wraps investigation, puts Enfamil back in stores

After temporarily pulling all Enfamil products from store shelves across the country, CVS Pharmacy says the chain is once again selling the baby formula brand.

CVS stopped sales after an incident reported in Tampa, FL last week. A mom there says the seal on an Enfamil bag she bought from CVS was broken.

Inside the bag, she says the contents were all-purpose flour, not infant formula.

After an internal investigation into its Enfamil products, CVS tells 7 On Your Side no further issues were found. As of Thursday, Enfamil products are back in stock.

Enfamil has not issued any recalls of their products.

Last year, an Arizona woman pleaded guilty to swapping out formula for flour in a money-making scheme.

DMV funding to help cut wait times

The state Assembly voted to send millions in funding to the DMV to help with long wait times for drivers.

No exact amount has been determined.

In order to receive the funds, the DMV must submit monthly financial reports to lawmakers.

Some Republican lawmakers argue the money will be mismanaged with the current DMV director overseeing operations.

Starbucks testing healthier Frappuccinos

Starbucks hopes cutting back on calories and sugar will bring more customers in for its Frappuccinos.

The company is testing out healthier recipes for the drink in California, Missouri, and Rhode Island.

Starbucks says sales dropped as people become more health-conscious.

The new formula for a 16-ounce caramel variety has 370 calories instead of 420.

It also cuts sugar to 49 grams instead of 67 grams.

Starbucks has a goal to cut sugar by 25 percent in its indulgent beverages by 2020.

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