Consumer Catch-up: JetBlue economy fare, more used cars, National Pizza Month

JetBlue offers no-frills option

Jet Blue is cutting back, launching a no-frills economy fare.

The new fare rate is expected to limit when fliers board, their seat choices and whether they can change or cancel their reservation.

JetBlue plans to roll out the new fare option late next year.

Passengers will still be allowed to bring along a carry-on and a personal item.

More Americans buying used cars

Modern cars are built relatively well, and Americans are buying more used vehicles.

Cars and light trucks last longer and after a couple of years, their prices are very attractive.

A new car now costs, on average, $37,000.

Wait three years and the same used vehicle can cost you half that amount.

The difference in prices is making it harder to sell new cars, so dealerships are offering more discounts and incentives beyond that new car smell.

National Pizza Month

Something to celebrate with the change in calendar - October is National Pizza Month. says 93-percent of us eat pizza at least once a month.

Pizza month brings pizza deals for customers.

Almost every national chain is offering some kind of pizza month celebration, including Pizza Hut, Domino's and Papa John's.

However, most of the deals are discounts, not freebies.

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