Consumer Catch-up: Ride sharing insurance, Microsoft automated checkout, Father's Day spending

Company offers ride sharing insurance

A new startup company is offering insurance plans for passengers on ride sharing services like Uber and Lyft.

The company, SURE, says it partnered with underwriter Chubb to offer accidental medical, death, and dismemberment insurance coverage for the ride.

Ride sharing company generally provide liability insurance for drivers, which would cover passengers in an accident. SURE claims to fill in any potential gaps in that coverage.

The program is called RideSafe. It works by connecting a customer's Uber or Lyft account to their SURE Insurance app. Once the coverage is in place, the passenger's ride is automatically insured.

SURE says in the future, the product will also include coverage for ride sharing in autonomous vehicles.

Microsoft working on automated checkout

Microsoft wants to be the answer to Amazon's new cashier-less stores.

The company is reportedly working on automated checkout technology to help other retailers compete. AVA Retail, which is building automated checkout systems, says it is working with Microsoft on the technology.

Amazon is planning to expand its cashier-less Amazon Go stores to San Francisco and Chicago, along with its current location in Seattle. Cameras and other technology are used to track customers and what they're buying in the store.

Father's Day spending

Dads are in for some big surprises this Father's Day, if current spending is any indication.

The National Retail Federation says 2018 spending is on track to reach near-record levels of $15.3 billion. That would put this Father's Day second only to last year's $15.5 billion.

The NRF says 77 percent of Americans will celebrate the day, spending an average of $133 per person.

That money will treat dad with special outings, clothing, gift cards, and electronics.

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