Consumer Catch-up: Uncooked chicken warning, jobs relaxing requirements, Walmart takes on Netflix

Uncooked chicken warning

A fit and healthy mother vacationing in Greece with her family died after eating just one mouthful of uncooked chicken.

Raw chicken and its liquids are responsible for deaths every year in the United States.

The Consumer Federation of America looked at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's outbreak numbers and claims chicken is the country's most dangerous food.

The federation is calling on the government to strengthen rules on chicken suppliers.

The CDC says consumers should wash raw chicken, clean surfaces the chicken has touched and thoroughly cook the birds before serving.

Employers relaxing requirements

Workers are finally catching a break.

With unemployment around record lows, some companies across the country are now starting to relax some of their requirements for new hires.

Fewer jobs posted online are requiring college degrees, and a million new jobs were posted "no experience necessary".

Self-taught programmers are now finding jobs at companies like Intel.

Walmart making changes

Walmart's reportedly targeting middle America as it puts together plans to take on Netflix.

The Wall Street Journal says the focus of Walmart's programming could be on people who live outside big cities.

The retail giant has apparently been consulting with experts for several months.

A final decision on whether to launch is expected later this year.

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