7 On Your Side helps mom gets birthday surprise

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Tuesday, November 17, 2015
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Two children who hoped to present their mom with a photo book full of memories for her 60th birthday reached out to Michael Finney after it didn't come in time for the big day.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- A 60th birthday surprise a San Francisco woman had planned for her mom didn't work out as planned, so she reached out to 7 On Your Side.

Two children had hoped to present their mom with a photo book chock-full of memories for her birthday. But after mom blew out the candles, there was nothing to give her.

Jenny Lesser enjoyed some of the photos she and her brother Jory had compiled for their mom's photo book. "We wanted to do something that showed her how much we loved her and also had that extra meaning," she said.

The book included the time Jenny snuck into her brother Jory's crib, pictures of their parents before they had kids and some of the family's favorite vacations. My Publisher missed the promised delivery date, but assured the family the book would come on time.

Despite several promises, it didn't happen. "I was really disappointed. I was really bummed. We put a lot of time into this," Jenny said.

Jenny and brother Jory both flew into Southern California for their mom's birthday without the surprise.

Mom was able to enjoy the photos online, but Jenny and Jory still wanted to present her with a book. So, that's when Jenny contacted 7 On Your Side who reached out to My Publisher. The company was able to print the book and overnight it to Jenny's mother Diane.

My Publisher released a statement saying: "Our manufacturing facility did have a few issues with her order, but have since corrected the problem. However, for the delay in production and inconvenience Jenny experienced, we have gone ahead and issued her a full refund."

Jenny connected with her mom with Facetime and alllowed us to listen in. "I just thought it was the best gift they could have given me because what else could you possible need," Diane said.

Her husband David joined in talking about how he was able to grab photos from the family albums while keeping the book a surprise. "For me it was very easy," David said.

Jenny told 7 On Your Side the best part was watching her mom's reaction as she flipped through the book.