7 On Your Side urges consumers be proactive on Takata recall

7 On Your Side has reported on the Takata airbag recall for months and there are still millions of unrepaired cars on the road.

There are so many cars that are a part of this recall, it is important consumers be proactive.

The news about the Takata airbag recall keeps getting worse. There are more recalls and more deaths: 19 million cars, 23 million individual airbags, and now nine confirmed deaths. And still most of the cars have not been fixed.

As news of the recall has receded, so has consumer knowledge and concern. That's troublesome because this is a case where time doesn't heal wounds.

Joe Ridout is with Consumer Action and he says consumers should check to see if their cars are part of the recall and then contact their dealership.

"It seems to be over time these airbags get more and more dangerous, so if you have an older model it is particular important to contact the dealership and get the recall performed," Ridout said.

"We would encourage consumers to request a loaner vehicle until the fix has been made in the recalled car," Ridoout said. "That might get you a loaner car, it might not, but at the very least it will speed up the process and get the manufacturers to understand that they must go faster."

For consumers who may be impacted, Google "Takata" and "VIN number." Different websites will pop up and you can check to make sure car doesn't have a bad one.

Click here for the government's Takata recall database.
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