San Francisco man soured when purchase from infomercial never arrived despite charges

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- TV infomercials offer tempting deals. One Bay Area man found it very convenient to shop by phone until he says an offer went sour.

That's when 7 On Your Side's Michael Finney stepped in.

A San Francisco resident says his order went through but the product never arrived. The only thing he did get was a charge on his credit card.

Reuben Holmes does most of his baking in a portable oven by NuWave. "It's a very good efficient oven and it's good on your electricity," Holmes said. And so he decided to also get the NuWave portable stovetop. "You can cook your vegetables on top of it, take it to the park," Holmes said. He saw the ad for the stove on TV offering easy payments and free shipping.

"I ordered it, and they said they delivered it." However, Holmes says the stovetop never arrived. He contacted NuWave.

"They said some guy named Pedro signed for it," he said. Holmes says there is no Pedro living at his home. In fact, NuWave called him back to say the stove had been returned, not signed for.

"'We'll send it back to you but it will be a $59 shipping charge,'" Holmes said.

Reuben told them he didn't want to pay for shipping. He canceled the order; however, he says NuWave still charged his credit card. "They took the money anyway, and I never received nothing at all from them," he said.

He said the company kept telling him it was sending the stove, but it never came. "That's why I called Channel 7," he said.

We contacted NuWave and within days he got his money back. NuWave said, "We're glad that this was brought to our attention so we could issue a full refund and set things right."

"I felt relief. Anyone who has any problems, call Channel 7," Holmes said.

Holmes says he still wants that stovetop, but this time plans to buy it at a retail store, where he's sure he'll get his hands on it. Reuben says he still wants that stovetop but this time plans to buy it at a retail store, where he's sure he'll get his hands on it.
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