CONSUMER CATCH-UP: Ford recalls 10 vehicle models for multiple issues, dental offices crippled by ransomware attack, and RH recalls chairs due to lead paint

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Ford recalls 10 models for multiple issues, including seats that may detach in a crash

Ford is issuing a major recall that affects 10 different models, including the new F-150, due to seats that may detach in a crash as well as other issues.

The auto-maker is dividing its recall - which affects over 665,000 vehicles - into four categories.

Ford said that some F-150s, F-Series Super Duties, Explorers, Expeditions, and Lincoln Aviators may be missing a component in their seatbacks. This component is required for seatback strength, and so the seats may not properly restrain a passenger during a crash, increasing the chance of injury. This recall category affects about 483,000 vehicles.

Ford is also recalling some Fusions, Edges, and Lincoln MKZs and MKXs, as corrosion-causing road conditions may cause the loss of power-steering assist.

The Ford Fiesta is being recalled due to "front brake caliper-seal contamination," which can cause a leak that can lead to overheating brake pads.

Finally, some Fiestas in Canada are being recalled for potential headlight failure.

Car owners can check to see if their car is affected by visiting Ford's recall page. There, they can get information on the remedies for their vehicle's issue.

Dental offices crippled by ransomware attack

Percsoft and Digital Dental Records, two online service portals used by dental offices, were hit with a ransomware attack this week.

About 400 practices that use the companies' systems were unable to access their data, which includes patient data, X-rays, schedules, and payment ledgers. Users were locked out of their accounts by the ransomware virus, crippling their ability to conduct regular business with their patients.

Some offices paid ransoms to the attackers for restored access to their information. Percsoft and Digital Dental Records have been working to restore their customers' access on a case-by-case basis.

RH recalls children's chairs and stools due to lead paint

RH, also known as Restoration Hardware, is recalling their "vintage steel play chairs and stools" due to lead in in the chairs' paint.

The paint used on the 3,200 chairs was found to have lead levels that exceeded those set by federal bans. Lead is a known toxin, especially for children.

The chairs were sold under the RH Teen and RH Baby & Child lines, and at RH outlets and warehouses nationwide and online.

Consumers are asked to stop using the chairs and stool and to put them out of the reach of children. RH will issue full refunds. Customers may contact RH at 800-816-0969 from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. PT Monday through Friday and 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. PT Saturday and Sunday, email the company at, or visit them online at for more information.

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