Couple gets money back after overpaying extermination bill

PITTSBURG, Calif. (KGO) -- Some people have problems keeping up with their bills, but there's a Pittsburg man who got just a little ahead of himself.

This man got so ahead paying his bills that he overpaid and getting his money back took quite an effort.

Herb Taylor and his wife Julie went over their past bank statements online and confirmed Herb paid his exterminator every other month. "I just want to keep up on them, make sure they're paid, that's all," Herb said.

Herb sent in $90 every 60 days, but his wife discovered he was only supposed to pay $90 every 90 days.

The couple had built up a credit of $540, so Julie called Terminix.

Terminix employees agreed to send them a check for the over payment, but when it didn't arrive, Michael Finney stepped in to help.

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