California Quake: ABC7 News reporters describe buildings 'swaying' during 6.4 quake in Manhattan Beach, Venice Beach

LOS ANGELES (KGO) -- Did you feel it? ABC7 News reporters Amy Hollyfield and Chris Nguyen sure did. They both went on vacation to Southern California when a 6.4 magnitude earthquake hit the region.

Hollyfield felt the shaking in Manhattan Beach. She says she was relaxing on the couch when things started moving.

"Definitely just rocked and rolled from that earthquake!! My friend says her light hasn't swayed like this in 12 years!!" she tweeted.

At first, Hollyfield says she wasn't sure what was happening.

"Is this an earthquake? I think this is an earthquake," she thought to herself. "And then it kept going."

Hollyfield says nothing fell off shelves, so she remained calm before she noticed the chandelier swaying back and forth.

Ten miles away in Venice Beach, Nguyen was at a workout studio when he felt the earth move.

"I had just got done working out, sitting in the lobby, drinking a smoothie when all of a sudden I felt the building start to sway," he said. "I turned to my sister because it thought I was going crazy then the swaying got a little stronger."

Nguyen says the building he was in had floor to ceiling windows and a lot of overhead lights.

"Keep in mind, this was all within the matter of 5 seconds or so, but when you are in it -- you feel like it's much longer than it really is, said Nguyen.

Neither ABC7 reporter were not hurt.

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