Three Bay Area Planned Parenthood centers closing June 30th

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Three Bay Area Planned Parenthood Centers are closing June 30. Planned Parenthood carefully chose the centers in Central Richmond, Pittsburg, and Vacaville for their proximity to other centers.

Planned Parenthood of Northern California provides health care and education to approximately 155,000 people a year; everything from cancer screenings to birth control.

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"This was a decision that was made in a really careful and deliberate way," said Miriam Gerace, Director of Communications and Marketing for Planned Parenthood of Northern California.

Planned Parenthood chose locations that are in proximity to other locations.

"On July 1, we want to be able to keep seeing everyone who needs us at the nearby locations or other locations," said Gerace.
Employees will also have the option of working at other locations.

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Still, the news concerns pro-choice activists like Amy Everitt."We're going to be losing people who provide family planning and abortion services in the communities on the front lines in the communities that need it the most," said Everitt who is the State Director of NARAL Pro-Choice California.

"When we're fighting for immigration and we're fighting for civil rights and we're fighting for LGBTQ rights we cannot forget that the majority of women in this country are facing healthcare disparities," Everitt continued.
Planned Parenthood says its financial stability is not limited to federal actions. Low MediCal rates also impact the non-profit organization.

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"We continue to offer those services but the reimbursement doesn't keep up with the costs," said Gerace.

Planned Parenthood supporters are urging lawmakers to set aside funds from the Tobacco Tax to support a rate increase for family planning services.
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