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Santa Cruz-based company developing electric aircrafts that would fly over traffic
ELECTRIC AIR TAXI: Imagine a way to fly over traffic congestion that also produces zero emissions like an electric vehicle. The solution is on the horizon, possibly just a few years away.
Ex-cons could relieve restaurant, retail hiring shortages as CA economy reopens
'DIAMONDS IN THE ROUGH': Among the challenges many shops and restaurants face to re-open June 15, is staffing up. Some experts on staffing say ex-cons, who were released early for good behavior, could be a solution.
Grieving husband tries to donate expensive leftover cancer drugs, but no one will let him
Ed Casaccia's wife Maggie died three weeks ago from breast cancer. He has an unopened box of 21 tablets of her cancer drugs, which he estimates cost $24,000 without insurance. He wants to give the medication to someone who needs it, but that task has proven impossible.
Scott Peterson's attorney claims 2nd trial could surface new evidence
"Essentially they're delaying the inevitable. This case is going to get overturned eventually," Harris said. "The facts are coming out more and more. We're learning about what happened. We think we know who killed Laci Peterson. We think that that information is coming out, will come out."
'I am American': South Bay judges star in rare video in honor of AAPI Heritage Month
"We're camera shy, and we're shy of publicity, but we felt on balance it was an important thing to do." 13 of Santa Clara County's judges - all of them of Asian American or Pacific Islander heritage - came together to star in a rare court video to share their stories.
SF's Ferry Building Farmer's Market launching home delivery across 9 Bay Area counties
San Francisco's popular Ferry Building Farmers Market is starting a new way for food lovers to get fruit and vegetables that will help growers across the region.
Psychologists urge VTA families, coworkers to seek counseling to ease trauma from shooting
"Offer what you can provide instead of asking the grieving person, 'what do they need from me?'"
Check your trunk: Drivers getting caught off guard without a spare tire
In the Bay Area, AAA has responded to 47,000 tire calls so far this year. One in five of those drivers didn't have a spare.
Breakthrough Stanford research lets paralyzed man write with brain implant
An upper body spinal cord injury has left a 65-year-old man unable to use his arms. Stanford researchers have given him the ability to write texts just by thinking of the letters.
Caterer to software developer: Pandemic pressuring some to change careers
"People are looking for stability. People are looking for skills that will carry them into the future," said Greene.