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Breakthrough Stanford research lets paralyzed man write with brain implant
An upper body spinal cord injury has left a 65-year-old man unable to use his arms. Stanford researchers have given him the ability to write texts just by thinking of the letters.
Caterer to software developer: Pandemic pressuring some to change careers
"People are looking for stability. People are looking for skills that will carry them into the future," said Greene.
Bay Area Indian community leading drive to send oxygen to India during COVID crisis
"We are trying to do our small part, using our networks to bring the few lifesaving oxygen concentrators to those where the need is the most urgent, knowing truly well that each life we save is going to be a precious one."
Disability rights documentary 'Crip Camp' by Oakland producers up for Oscar
"There's the anti-war movement. There was the civil rights movement. There was the women's movement and gay rights movement, and looking around, we need one for ourselves." "Crip Camp" captures how a summer camp fostered activism in which the Bay Area played a pivotal role.
Apple's new iMac, iPad Pro betting on continuing remote work demand
In addition to many upgraded features and products designed to improve remote work and education, Apple also added purple to their spectrum of device colors and a new dazzling display.
Here's how new South Bay center hopes to reduce trauma for child abuse victims
"Having all of the partners under the same roof to provide a team approach for investigations will help reduce the trauma to children and families of having to be interviewed and re-interviewed multiple times by three to five different partners."
Public transit, commute issues surface as companies bring workers back to the office
Fewer people say they're planning to use public transit to get to work. Will the Bay Area see a traffic nightmare soon?
San Jose high school student creates app to connect assault victims to 911 faster
The app uses voice recognition to tell when someone is in trouble and send their location details to 911.
Peninsula nurses launch pilot program to get COVID-19 vaccine to homebound seniors
TEARS OF JOY: For more than a year, this very vulnerable part of the population has felt invisible. Now, many are getting the help they need, thanks to nurses at Sequoia Hospital.
New book finds engaging way to explain data science to young readers
"This world is full of problems, and we need the next generation equipped and willing to help us solve them," Kelly said.