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COVID-19 vaccines are almost ready, but are distribution sites?
COVID-19 vaccines are almost ready, but distributing them to so many people involves a lengthy list of logistics. Here's an idea of what it will take to get the Bay Area vaccinated.
Need an alternative to turkey this holiday season? Try this boneless, plant-based option
WOULD YOU TRY? With Thanksgiving just days away, and smaller turkeys harder to find, there's a window of opportunity to try this, a turkey alternative that's boneless and plant-based.
Dr. Fauci receives journalism award from San Jose State University
"Consistency in truth telling is critical because consistency maintains integrity." The award historically goes to journalists, but during the coronavirus pandemic, Fauci demonstrated to many that a public health official and journalists have much in common.
Coronavirus results in 11 minutes? Here's how Bay Area-based Lucira's new at-home test kit works
A Bay Area-based biotech company just got emergency FDA approval for their COVID-19 at-home test kit. Here's how it works:
COVID-19 vaccine: Leaders in hard-hit East San Jose seek priority for their community
Who will be first to get a coronavirus vaccine? Advocates in a San Jose neighborhood with high infection rates are already working on a priority plan.
Artificial intelligence helping lower costs, speed up construction projects
One company says it's AI technology can realize $30 million in savings on a $500 million project by reducing the cost of equipment and manpower.
Is Black Friday over for 2020? Here's what online retailers are doing as pandemic uncertainty looms
As many online retailers have already rolled out their biggest sales of the year, Adobe Analytics says online spending has hit $22 billion in the past 10 days.
Here's how a Biden Administration could help Silicon Valley
"They are dialed in. They always were, and I think we're going to see big differences."
Who gets COVID-19 vaccine first? High-risk groups likely to be priority while children wait
When a coronavirus vaccine is approved, supply will be limited. So, who gets access first? One pediatrician says, it's "going to be a while before we can protect children."
Stanford researchers developing fast, portable COVID-19 testing chip
With this 'lab on a chip,' anyone can test themselves for COVID-19 in the comfort of their home using a tiny chip instead of sending the nasal swabs fluid to laboratories.