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Online shoppers already getting billions of 'out of stock' notices as supply chain issues continue
The most frequent "out of stock" categories are electronics, jewelry, apparel, home and garden, and pet products. It's all tied to U.S. ports backed up and supply chain issues slowing delivery of imported goods, especially computer chips.
CA energy giants battle over future of solar power systems, influence on energy usage
Clean energy advocates argue that the poor subsidize wealthier homeowners who get solar energy credits, and the poor can't install solar if they are renters.
Stanford study shows carbon emissions nearing pre-pandemic levels as economy rebounds
Stanford researchers say carbon emissions are up nearly 5% from last year and close to pre-pandemic levels.
Meat prices fueling inflation, taking huge bite out of Bay Area budgets
"Chicken is overpriced," says San Mateo restaurant owner Francisco Ayala. "We used to pay $40, 50 bucks. Now it's $100 a case."
NASA Ames developing new tools, software to address climate change
NASA's AMES Research Center is changing it's focus, using new software and technology to help the climate crisis.
WWII Navy friends create legacy with Truitt & White Berkeley lumberyard
STRONGER THAN OAK: Two World War II veterans created Truitt & White, a Berkeley lumberyard, which has now been in business for 75 years.
Volunteer therapy dogs furloughed during pandemic return to Redwood City hospital
One of those dogs is 8-year-old Emmy who over the course of an hour, will end up seeing about 30 people, both patients, and staff, and leave them feeling better than before she arrived.
Elizabeth Holmes trial live updates: Buddhist juror excused over religious beliefs
ELIZABETH HOLMES TRIAL: A juror has been excused after expressing concerns about how her Buddhist faith may affect her decision.
Consumers spending for holidays as incomes rebound after pandemic lull, study finds
The survey also indicated twice as many shoppers are planning to do in-store Black Friday shopping compared to 2020.
How 3 Cal Berkeley dropouts are taking Nobel Prize findings to next level
They're addressing a shortage of bioinformaticians, specialists who analyze data generated by biologists as they manipulate genes in search of which ones might cause cancer, heart disease, aging or other conditions.