Laura Anthony | ABC7 KGO News Team
An Emmy award-winning reporter, Laura Anthony joined ABC7 in February 2001. Raised in the East Bay, Laura has worked in Northern California for the past 18 years and has covered some of the biggest local and national stories of the past two decades. They include Occupy Oakland, the BART shooting and Los Angeles trial of Johannes Mehserle, the discovery of Jaycee Dugard, John McCain's 2008 Election Night in Arizona, the South Lake Tahoe fire, the disappearance of Laci Peterson, the San Francisco Dog Mauling case, the 2000 Election Recount in Tallahassee, Florida, the crash of Alaska Air 261, the Yosemite Tourist Murders, the Columbine School shootings in Littleton, Colorado, Oklahoma tornadoes and the Jewish Community attack in Southern California.

Laura has also worked as a network affiliate correspondent, reporting on the O.J. Simpson trials in Los Angeles, the Malibu fires, the San Diego cult mass suicide, the Timothy McVeigh trial in Denver, the Summer Olympics in Atlanta, GA and the Unabomber trial in Sacramento.

In January 1995 Laura received an Emmy Award for her coverage of the sniper standoff at Franklin and Pine Streets in San Francisco. In 1998, she was nominated for an Emmy Award for feature reporting. Laura received two Distinguished Service Awards for her work as a reporter, anchor and producer in Salt Lake City. In 2008, she received a "Good News" award from the Sacramento Chapter of American Women in Radio & Television for her reporting on a non-profit started by a 10-year-old Brentwood boy.

Laura holds a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science and a Master's Degree in Journalism from U.C. Berkeley.

She is married and has a young son. Laura enjoys skiing, golf and travel with her family.

Laura works out of the Contra Costa County bureau, and primarily covers the East Bay.

Laura's Stories
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