Liz Kreutz | ABC7 KGO News Team
Growing up, one of my favorite weekend rituals was waking up early in the morning and gathering around with my family as my dad read out loud from the Sunday paper. He read us the front page headlines, the arts section, various articles that caught his eye and, of course, our favorite: The Dave Barry humor column (which often resulted in spilled coffee as we collectively laughed out loud).

My family's shared love of journalism, of news, of good storytelling, stuck with me from the youngest age. Nearly three decades later, here we are: Working a dream job at a dream station in my home-state of California! I couldn't feel luckier.

A little about me: I grew up in San Diego and moved to New York City to attend New York University, where internships at Glamour Magazine, PBS's POV social justice documentary series and then Good Morning America led to a job at ABC News. I spent nearly six years at the network working on and covering several major news stories, including the 2012 presidential and 2014 midterm elections, the Sandy Hook shooting, the Charleston church shooting and the election of Pope Francis during the 2013 papal conclave in Rome. Most notably and recently, I worked as ABC News' embedded reporter covering Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign -- an assignment of a lifetime that took me all over the country and gave me a front-row seat to one of the wildest campaigns in presidential history.

If Clinton had won the election, I probably would have moved to Washington, D.C. to continue covering her in the White House. Instead, I took the outcome of the race as a sign to make a move back to the West Coast. And I'm sure glad I did!

Prior to coming to ABC7 News Bay Area, I worked as the evening anchor and reporter at ABC10 in Sacramento, where I was part of a small team of reporters to win a local Emmy Award for outstanding continuing coverage of the California wildfires. I also served as the station spokesperson for the American Heart Association's "Go Red for Women" campaign and on the Board of Directors for the Sacramento Press Club, where I co-chaired the scholarship program for aspiring journalists.

I love to keep busy, so when I'm not working you can find me exploring all the beauty, food and wineries that Northern California has to offer, traveling, listening to audiobooks and binging shows on Netflix.

But enough about me. My favorite thing about being a reporter is sharing other people's stories and using our platform to give a voice to those who need it most. I'd love connect with you. You can find me all over the Internet: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. (And maybe even Tik-Tok -- coming soon!)

Liz's Stories
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