Mike Nicco
Mike Nicco is a meteorologist for the weekday ABC7 Morning News. He joined ABC7 in January, 2007.

A 1992 graduate of the University of Kansas, with a degree in Atmospheric Science and an AMS Television Seal of Approval, Mike has worked at television stations stops in Nebraska, Louisiana, Arkansas, North Carolina, and Minnesota.

Mike and the other seven members of his family (wife, two sons, two cats, one fish, and one frog) are enjoying their life in the Bay Area. It's a rare day to find them apart. You are more likely to find them at the pool or beach, jumping on the trampoline, or riding bikes. Mike and his wife enjoy volunteering as much as they can at their son's schools. They are a very active family always making the most of all the Bay Area has to offer.

So how did Mike get interested in the weather? Do you remember where you were on May 6th, 1975? Well...Mike does! That was the same day an F4 tornado (207-260 mph winds) ripped a path through his city of residence (Omaha, Nebraska). The wailing sounds of winds whipping through the trees, the screams from the other kids, and the curtains flying across the room, Mike's family wasted no time assuming the safety position in the basement. Although that was a frightening experience for most, it was a career awakening experience for him. At the ripe old age of six, Mike's curiosities were piqued with an immediate goal of understanding how this tornado could level one house to its foundation, while not even touching another house just a few feet away. The scientist in Mike was born.

Enjoy the sunshine while it lasts because a moderate storm is expected to roll through the Bay Area on Wednesday, prompting a Flash Flood Watch for parts of the North Bay.
ABC7 Meteorologist Mike Nicco says a heat wave that's moving through the Bay Area over the next three days may break a few record highs.
Talk about a drastic change. The weather went from being hot to snow falling in the Sierra.
A trifecta of trouble begins for the Bay Area Thursday: dangerous heat, unhealthy air and now high fire danger are in store for the region through Labor Day weekend.
People in the inland East Bay are preparing themselves for dangerous heat. It's going to be more extreme than what many of them have ever experienced.