Fairfield residents learn how to prepare for a possible active shooter situation

FAIRFIELD, Calif. (KGO) -- Communication is key when dealing with an active shooter situation.

Thursday night, nearly a hundred people in Fairfield gathered to learn what to do if they find themselves in another Gilroy, El Paso Texas or Dayton Ohio scenario.

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Walidah Sharrieff of Fairfield said, "That's why I'm here because they all left a remarkable impact just unpleasant and so many lives were disrupted."

People here have been asking what to do if they find themselves in an active shooter situation. The best advice from officials-- run, hide and if necessary, fight.

Sgt. John Divine said, "Run get out of the area safely, hide or barricade or if they have to - fight."

Authorities say the majority of the time fighting back will lead to fewer casualties - as was the case at Virginia Tech in 2007.

People took notes and asked lots of questions.

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Michelle Andahl asked, "We want to know if we play dead or something or hide under a table or where do we go, what we do?"

Sgt. Divine answered, "We are really pushing the run hide fight philosophy."

Many worried an active shooter could target the city of Fairfield.

Lt. Jausiah Jacobsen assuredly said, "The odds are it won't happen but if it does they're gonna have some background and hopefully something will click and they'll say I remember that and that's what I'm gonna do."

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This weekend's Tomato and Vine Festival will draw 25 thousand people to Fairfield.

Extra patrols will be out.
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