Alameda County Fair expecting large crowd despite heat wave

Saturday, June 23, 2018

PLEASANTON, Calif. (KGO) -- The Alameda County Fair is expecting big crowds this weekend despite temperatures nearing 100-degree temperatures.

It's kinda like being in a toaster oven - the glaring sun broiling your skin to a golden brown and reflected heat from the ground roasting you to a perfect medium rare. Cassandra Young of Hayward chose to fight the sun's rays.

By buying a colorful parasol. But she didn't stop there. "You have to dress for it, have your umbrella, sunscreen, otherwise it's not going to be a good day out here," Cassandra Young said.

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Vanessa Young also took precautions, including the time of day. "Sunscreen, coming when it's early and a hat," she said.

Staying hydrated is also a very big deal, whether you buy drinks here or bring water from home. Some also choose their rides strategically for their cooling effects. We caught up with Angela Cepeda and 4 year old son Jaylen after they came off the log flume - one of Jaylen's favorites.

"It splashes you a little bit, but it's good enough," Angela said.

Next stop, a ride that they hope will create a cool breeze. "We're going to go to that one, the ferris wheel. The ferris wheel? Yeah, go round-round-round-round, faster,"

And they did get on the ferris wheel. So did we, along with a family that was using it for a little reconnaissance.

"Getting a good view of the land, seeing where the rest of the shade is. Scoping out the water ride next," Keith Marshall said.

So, along with the usual advice: light clothing, limiting exertion, staying hydrated - paramedics say be aware of symptoms of heat exhaustion -- excessive sweating, headaches, dizziness. And watch out for symptoms that could be life-threatening. "When you turn red and you're overheating and sweating profusely and disoriented and unconscious, that's when we're going into the heat stroke," Alameda County Fire Department Division Chief Alan Evans said.