City of Alameda celebrates the Red, White and Blue in a big way with a big parade

ALAMEDA, Calif. (KGO) -- In Alameda on July 4th, they like to say that everyone is either watching the parade or else in it. That's why they call this the biggest July 4th parade west of the Mississippi, and maybe anywhere.

Dancing horses, dancing humans, prancing dragons and reincarnations of Marilyn Monroe. Just some of the 2,500 people who marched past, all in celebration of this our nation's birthday 243 years ago.

"It shows we're all together, celebrating America. Doesn't matter where you're from," said Matt Martin, who has brought his daughter to this parade every one of her 10 years.

That's a pleasant sentiment in these turbulent, divided times because we weren't divided in Alameda Thursday.

Different-sure. And on July 4th, reminded that we're also very much the same.

"If every day was the fourth of July?" we asked Matt. "I can only wish. We can try."
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