3-year-old boy vows to help homeless population this Christmas

ANCHORAGE, Ala. -- A 3-year-old boy in Alaska has made it his mission to help his city's homeless population this Christmas.

Patrick McClung's inspiring idea to help the homeless came after his mom, Destinee McClung, informed him that some people don't have homes to live in.

"I don't want them to sleep on a piece of cardboard," Patrick said in tears.

After his mom got him to calm down, the McClungs decided to see what they could do to help their community.

"It really hurt his heart to kind of realize that there are people who go without," she said.

They made signs and set up boxes around town, asking people to donate things like socks, shoes, blankets and coats.

Patrick even sold some of his trains so he could buy more supplies.

"It's all for the people and they don't have homes, and they're very cold," he said.

Since beginning their project a few years ago, Patrick and his mom have collected at least seven garbage bags full of donations.

In addition to collecting donations for the homeless, the 3-year-old has also decided to start volunteering at a local soup kitchen.

Patrick's mom says the job he likes best is dessert duty.
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