Rally held to unite Albany High School after racist Instagram scandal

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Tuesday, May 22, 2018
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After being rocked with a racist Instagram post scandal, the purpose of the rally held at Albany High school was to unite the community, end racism and end the school year on a positive note.

ALBANY, Calif. (KGO) -- After being rocked with a racist Instagram post scandal a rally was held at Albany High school in an effort to unite the community, end racism and end the school year on a positive note.

"Since I got here there has been actually a lot of racism at our school and white supremacy," Albany High School senior Mahelah La Rosa said. She briefly attended Monday's anti-racism rally put on by student and several equality groups. While she believes the goal of the gathering is a positive one, much more needs to be done.

"A lot of people are fed up with Albany," Mahelah said.

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The rally comes after the school was rocked by an Instagram scandal last year: where 12 students and a teacher were targeted with racists photos. There have also been anti-semetic incidents involving Nazi-related graffiti.

"There was this whole Judaism thing where kids were going around hailing Hitler," says Mahelah.

Fellow senior, Justin Brionis shared a similar sentiment. "I have a lot of friends who are impacted by what happened last year."

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Eleven students were suspended for not reporting the Instagram posts, which depicted students as gorillas or with nooses around their necks.

The parents of those students later reached a financial settlement with the School board, after claiming the school took inappropriate discpinary action against their children. This ignited even more outrage from parents of bullying victims who demanded equal compensation.

"I think the school failed in that regard," Parent Cheryl Suddeth said.

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Those involved with organizing today's rally, say at least it's a start...for a fresh school year in the fall.

"It's been a long and painful year and it's also been a year where student leadership and parents and staff have galvanized to create a more responsible community." says Bonnie Wolf.

The demands today, still include compensation for the victims but also a call for togetherness. For the sake of the next generation.