No cashiers - Amazon Go opens up first California store in San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- The leader in online retail has opened up a real life store in San Francisco.

The sixth Amazon Go and the first ever in California welcomed in customers for the first time Tuesday morning.

It's filled with ready to eat meals, snacks, drinks and some groceries.

It is on the corner of California Street and Battery Street in San Francisco's Financial District.

"Customers just walk in, take what they want and walk out when they're done shopping," said Amazon Go Vice President Gianna Puerini.

Here's how it works - you have to download the Amazon Go app on to your phone and log in to your Amazon account.

Once inside, there are cameras watching what you pick up.

Amazon says there is a lot of technology involved in this, including computer vision and deep learning.

When you're done getting your drink, food, snack or whatever, just walk out.

"It felt weird. It felt like I was stealing from Amazon," said Daly City resident Katherine Siphavong.

San Francisco resident Conrad Gann said, "It's definitely worth checking out. I haven't really figured whether it's good food at a good price yet."

Amazon says they're opening up another Amazon Go store in San Francisco this winter at Post and Kearny.
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