'American Idol' contestant Francisco Martin talks Katy Perry's 'beautiful eyes,' hugs from Lionel and Luke

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- American Idol contestant Francisco Martin gave a breathtaking audition judges Katy Perry, Luke Brian, and Lionel Richie won't soon forget.

Before the Bay Area 19-year-old captured their attention with his voice, he did so with his nerves.

It was quite the scene - Lionel Richie hugging him while Luke Brian checked his pulse.

We heard about the viral moment from Francisco himself when he sat down with ABC7 News to talk about all things "Idol."

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He explained to us that he's not normally a nervous person - He's social and likes to sing in front of people.

"But just for some reason looking up at the judges really made me freeze," Francisco said. "And it's weird, because in my mind I was fine, I was like 'you're good.'"

So we had to ask, "Was there one judge in particular who made you so nervous."

Without missing a beat, he responded, "Yeah, It was Katy Perry."

He continued, "Her big, beautiful eyes, you know. When I looked up I was like... I couldn't hold eye contact with for the life of me."

Although she made him the most nervous, it seemed to be Katy Perry who enjoyed his audtion the most. She raised her hand in the air while he sang - a clear gesture of approval.

But a gesture Francisco didn't even notice.

"I actually didn't realize that she was raising her hand," Francisco said.

"I blanked out and I blacked out throughout that whole entire time when I was singing."

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What he does remember are the hugs.

Julianne: Did you realize you were getting hugs by Luke Brian and Lionel Richie?

Francisco: Yeah, that made me even more nervous, to be honest! Because when they were coming up to me I was like, 'Oh gosh, they're gonna come up to me.' And they were hugging me and checking my pulse and I was like, 'Wow. Lionel Richie is hugging me right now. Luke Bryan is checking my pulse right now.' Everything was happening at the same time.

We also inqcuired about host Ryan Seacrest.

Julianne: Have you met Ryan Seacrest? What was that like?

Francisco: He's a very cool guy. Yeah he's just a really cool guy.

Julianne: Is he taller than you?

Francisco: I believe I'm taller than him.

So we heard about the nerves, the judges, and the host, but there's one more thing.

Julianne: Have you made friends with any of the contestants?

Francisco: Oh yeah, of course. Everyone there is super talented and super nice. And I just love all the contestants there. I made really good friends with Sam and Louie.

Julianne: Is it your music styles?

Francisco: Everyone there is just so open to talk and just so nice. When your sharing the same interests, you know what I'm saying? Everyone there just loves music and you music brings people together.

Music indeed brings people together - So grab some friends and family and tune into the next show! "American Idol" airs every Sunday at 8 p.m. PST on ABC.

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