Antioch food delivery drivers targeted by robbers

Thursday, January 19, 2017 08:54PM
Takeout delivery drivers targeted by robbers in Antioch

ANTIOCH, Calif. - Antioch police say takeout delivery drivers are being targeted by criminals in an otherwise quiet East Bay neighborhood.

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Mike Trevor says he was the first of two delivery drivers robbed at the same address on Swallow Way in Antioch. "They just surrounded me and started cursing at me," he said. "They took my money and the pizza and they tried to get my phone but I didn't give it to them."

That happened on Monday night, the very next day it happened again but this time to a Chinese food delivery driver.

The delivery man told police that several young men jumped out from behind the bushes as he approached the front door, then beat and robbed him. He went up to the door of the house, hoping to get help.

"We did not order the food. These people are trying to make a living and this group of people has violated that sense of security, not only for them but for my family and the neighborhood," said a woman who lives inside the home on Swallow Way.

Faith Smith is a customer where one of the victimized delivery drivers works, she says she's shocked to hear about the crimes. "These are people who are just trying to earn an honest living to support themselves and families, this shouldn't be tolerated at all," she said.

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At least one pizza restaurant manager told ABC7 News they won't be making deliveries to Swallow Way for the time being.
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