Couple accused of trying to shoot baby at San Leandro McDonald's face attempted murder charge

Thursday, April 20, 2017 07:08PM
San Leandro police said they believe a couple attempted to shoot an 11-month-old baby boy inside a McDonald's saying: "It was a miracle" that the bullet missed the baby.

SAN LEANDRO, Calif. - A couple was arrested Thursday for allegedly trying to shoot an 11-month baby boy inside a McDonald's restaurant on Washington Avenue in San Leandro.

The suspect's were identified as Antioch residents Marcel Brooks and Adanna Ibe.

The shooting occurred on Monday and San Leandro police said the father of the baby was supposed to meet with the mother inside that McDonald's, but never showed up. Instead, police said his former girlfriend showed up and is accused of attempting to shoot the baby.

ABC7 News learned the baby's father texted the alleged shooter to confirm both the mother and baby were inside the McDonald's and to carry out the plan. Once the couple was arrested, Brooks implicated the female shooter and said he had nothing to do with it. Then, the woman confessed saying it was his idea.

San Leandro police are certain the couple intended to kill the 11-month-old baby boy who was inside the restaurant with his mother. "Through the course of the interview, we are confident that there was a conspiracy placed between these two subjects here to harm that child," San Leandro Police Department Lt. Isaac Benabou said.

"The female suspect was inside the restaurant, approached the female and her child and fired one shot close range, then exited the restaurant," Benabou said. The bullet never hit the child and broke the glass instead. "In my opinion it was a miracle that she missed," Benabou said.

ABC7 News spoke to a witness who said he was sitting next to the alleged shooter who was wearing a black bandanna in an attempt to hide her identity. Then, he said the woman sat down and her hands were trembling.

Police said Brooks is the baby's father and was in the area when the shooting occurred.

Brooks and Ibe also have a 5-year-old son.

Brooks' aunt Nina Clark said the family didn't even know about the woman in the restaurant and the baby.

He's currently in a relationship with another woman and they also have a small child, together.

"I don't know about this 11-month-old, all I know is that Marcel is a great dad. He spends time, he's active in all his kids' lives," Clark said.

Brooks and Ibe appeared in court Thursday afternoon and will be charged with conspiracy to commit murder and attempted murder.
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