Goats recovering after being injured by Milpitas grass fire

Friday, May 26, 2017 06:06PM
ABC7 News is happy to report that the goats injured in a Milpitas grass fire Thursday have been taken in by San Jose Animal Services, where they are getting treatment.

SAN JOSE, Calif. - Sky7 was overhead as a herd of adult and baby goats was trapped by a grass fire in Milpitas on Thursday. Almost all of them suffered burn injuries.

ABC7 News is happy to report that they've been taken in by San Jose Animal Services, where they are getting treatment. However, the shelter is asking for help.

A pen at San Jose Animal Services has 10 of the 15 rescued goats, all of them babies. Their injuries include first, second and third degree burns.

VIDEO: Goats survive grass fire in Milpitas

Perhaps the best indication of what they've suffered is how quiet they are. "They do have emotions, so I'm sure they are traumatized. Like I say, normally you would hear 'baah' or something you know, but they're very, very quiet. They lost their home, they had to run for their lives yesterday, and many are in pain," veterinarian Sharon Ostermann said. "Being herd animals, you can see these goats are sticking closely together. When they are walking, some of them are hobbling, indicating they do have injuries to their hooves."

Ostermann is treating the burns on their hooves with ointment.

The injured goats were surrendered by the Milpitas property owner after the fire. He kept five goats that did not appear to be injured.

EXCLUSIVE: Video shows goats fleeing fast-moving fire in Milpitas

Animal Services plans to put its 15 goats up for adoption after they have recuperated.

As Sky7 showed us, it was remarkable that they all survived the fire. "Some of them, I think, are going to make a decently good recovery. I think some of them I'm more on the fence now. I'm not sure how they're going to do. Like I said, we do have a goat currently now on IV fluids in the back still 24 hours later," Ostermann said.

This small goat is in critical condition.

The goats require around-the-clock vet care. However, Animal Services will have to send them to an emergency clinic on weekends when it doesn't have a vet working.

That's going to cost an estimated $3,000. The shelter is seeking donations to defray the expenses.

Click here to make a donation to help house these goats.

VIDEO: Goats flee fast-moving grass fire in Milpitas
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