Tracy woman still missing, Alameda Sheriff disappointed in rescue efforts

Tuesday, January 24, 2017 07:16PM
Alameda County Sheriffs deputies are disappointed that 18-year-old Tracy woman as Jayda Jenkins was not recovered with her car in the Alameda Creek.

FREMONT, Calif. - The Alameda County Sheriff's department says the recovery operation to pull a vehicle from the Alameda Creek off Niles Canyon Road was a disappointment.

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While they were able to pull the submerged vehicle from the creek, they were not able to recover the body of missing 18-year-old Jayda Jenkins, who was identified as the driver of the car by her family Tuesday.

"Because I'm her mother, I'm not losing hope. I'm praying that my child is coming home," said Denielle Jenkins the girl's mother.

Jenkins says her two daughters, including 18-year-old Jayda are her life. "Maybe she's in a hospital I'm not sure but I'm holding out that we may find her," said Jenkins.

Authorities believe the 18-year-old's car clipped another car before going into the creek on Saturday.

The family helped law enforcement locate the vehicle Monday but investigators had to wait until water levels were low enough to recover it.

Once they pulled the car from the creek, there was no sign of 18-year-old Jenkins.

"I can't tell you how disappointed we are right now. We don't know where she is," said Sgt. Ray Kelly, with the Alameda County SHeiff's office.

"We are still dealing with the fact that we do not have our daughter and our sister and our child home, but we're not stopping here, we're going to continue to search for her," said Jenkins.

"We're going to start at the point of entry where the car went in and we have deployed assets all the way to the San Francisco Bay to the mouth of the Alameda Creek where it flows into the Bay," said Kelly.

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Jenkins family says they will continue to comb the banks alongside 60 local law enforcement agencies.

Both Fremont and the Alameda County Sheriff's office are using drones.
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