Now even your cat can ring in the new year with a glass of pet-friendly bubbly

Saturday, December 30, 2017 09:57AM
This year, your pets can class up their New Year's celebration with a glass (or a bowl) of non-alcoholic champagne, wine or beer or even a cat martini.

It's a time-honored tradition to start off the new year by popping the bubbly, and now even your pets can get in on the fizzy fun.

There's something deliciously festive for every four-legged friend in one Florida-based company's non-alcoholic line of wine, beer and cocktail-inspired pet drinks. For felines, Pet Winery offers Meow & Chandon (their take on rosé), Meowsling, Purrgundy and even a Cat-tini. For Fido, the company offers Dog Pawrignon, FetchMe Grigio, Bark Brew and a Dog-tini.

The drinks aren't just non-alcoholic versions of popular favorites; instead, they're specifically formulated to be a healthy treat suited to your pet's palate. The Meow & Chandon is flavored with catnip, while the FetchMe Grigio is infused with bacon. Most drinks also contain salmon oil, which the company says helps coat health and has multiple health benefits for pets.

According to CEO Taryn L. Nahm, the inspiration for the Pet Winery line came from a Japanese company that made similar products but with grapes, which can be poisonous for some pets.

"We did a lot of research and spoke to vets about a combination of ingredients that would be healthy and fun. Once we found a great formulation, we came up with fun names and tried them out on our own cats and friends' cats," she told ABC.

Because the business is founded on a love of animals - Nahm said her cat accompanies her to the office each day - Pet Winery also partners with a different shelter, rescue or pet adoption agency every month, and a portion of monthly sales are donated to that organization.
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