San Jose couple says someone stole their pet pig

Wednesday, June 21, 2017 12:54AM
A San Jose couple says someone stole their pet pig and now they're offering a reward for her return.

SAN JOSE, Calif. - A San Jose couple says someone stole their pet pig. The 100-pound animal was reportedly taken from their backyard on Sunday.

Jeannie Ackerman raised the little piglet into a beloved pet, named Pig Pig. And now she's missing.

It seems the 100-pound pig was stolen. "My husband noticed that her kennel was missing. We had just cleaned it. It was in the front yard and then he noticed that some of our security cameras were also missing," Ackerman said. "That's when alarms went off, oh no, someone came and took her."

Pig Pig vanished on Sunday while the Ackermans were at a Father's Day barbecue. They can't imagine who would take her or why, and they're worried sick, especially given the heat wave.

"I don't know if she's getting the proper care. She requires a lot of water. She requires getting a mud bath to coat her skin properly," Ackerman said.

She filed a police report. Her husband, Mark, posted about Pig Pig on Facebook and they're putting up fliers around town -- whatever it takes to get back their pet.

The Ackermans are offering a $500 reward for the safe return of their pig, no questions asked.

If you have any information about Pig Pig's whereabouts, please call 408-679-5832.

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