Constituents talk Trump with San Mateo congresswoman

Wednesday, January 25, 2017 11:52PM
Concerned constituents gathered to have a town hall meeting with San Mateo congresswoman Jackie Speier where they aired their worries and talked President Trump.

PACIFICA, Calif. - Peninsula congresswoman Jackie Speier attempted to confront her constituents who are worried about the president's policies. She hosted a town hall event in Pacifica Wednesday evening and the room was packed.

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When asked if he had attended one of Speier's town hall meetings before Pacifica resident Wini Linguvic said, "Absolutely not. I became an activist on election day."

That was the case for just about everyone else in the room. Speier calls them first time activists, many of whom attended the women's march on Saturday and want to keep the momentum going.

ABC7 News asked if they think they can make a difference. "I do," said Pacifica resident Marisa George. "I'm signing every petition that I can and I will be as active as I possibly can."

They say much is at stake over the next four years--from the environment to immigration.

The congresswoman urged everyone to continue with the protests, call and email the White House and learn and read about rural America, which played a key role in Trump's victory.

"I hope I'm going to instill a sense of empowerment to you," said Speier, D-San Mateo. "Because our country has withstood terrible presidents and we have survived."

Republican National Committee chairwoman applauds those who've become more engaged in the process, but has a word of caution, especially to California's elected leaders. "There are going to be areas of agreement and areas of disagreement, but this sort of, 'We're at war' is ultimately going to hurt California citizens," she said.

"It's the collective energy in all of us that is going to make a difference in this struggle that we're going through as a country," said San Francisco resident Raymond Clemens.

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Speier plans to hold similar town halls in her district in the coming weeks."

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